Saturday, February 4, 2017

October 2015 and February 2016 interview with Cat Watters about our book Betrayal Of One’s Family And One’s Country

Russian influence in the GOP began with an import/export business my former husband and Scott Romney, Mitt Romney’s brother, were involved. The import/export company located in Michigan became a direct pipeline to the Kremlin. Russian influence in the GOP began with the Romney family nearly two decades ago. The president of the import/export company is a former Soviet administrator from Leningrad groomed by Yeltsin and a peer to Putin.
This contact with the Russians was made BEFORE the fall of the Soviet Union. I had many years of experience with the import/export company that served as a direct pipeline to the Kremlin.  A Russian that is intelligence sits on the board of the company and tied to the Sarin attack in Tokyo by Aum Shinkriko. Aum Shinrikyo had more members in Russia than Japanese members in Japan. Many of the Russian members were former KGB.
My former husband, Samuel Jan Skousen, was, and is, deeply involved with the import-export company, and in essence, acted an asset for the Russians. The lives of my children and I were ruined because of tie to this company and the Romney family. A Russian-controlled import-export company that many high-level GOP politicians ran business contracts through, and tightly connected also to the Romney family.
This and more is discussed during the interview discussing book Betrayal Of One’s Family And One’s Country.

 Second interview with Cat Watters on February 1, 2016. Keep in mind while listening to the second interview often when Russia is wanting to take control to take control of a country, they move in Russians into that country. As Russia did in the Caucasus, Georgia, and Crimea. Other topics and individuals discussed are from our book Betrayal Of One’s Family And One’s Country and part of our family’s overall story. Henry Ford II, Alfred Taubman, Max Fisher, and the Romney family are discussed.

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