Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Romney is Incongruent on Health-care

The point of this blog piece is not to take sides on the health-care issue, but to draw attention to Romney’s denial and blame game. After viewing Romney for several years on the political stage, I finally arrived at the conclusion; [in my opinion] Romney is a bully.

Romney appears to adhere to the philosophy of the “survival of the meanest”. Mitt has done everything from playing the ‘martyr’, while attacking others with outrageous allegations of behavior Romney is involved in himself. All the while, giving himself endless flattery, with exaggerated and aggrandizing statements. Romney’s behavior is not only incongruent, but also brutish. The passage of the health-care plan raised Romney ire and also raised people’s eyebrows at Romney’s dissonance on the issue.

Dissonance on the health-care issue started earlier this month when Romney stated:

Romney Called The Individual Mandate “The Ultimate Conservative Plan.” Romney said, “Let me tell you, there's a big difference between what we did and what President Obama is doing. What we did, I think, is the ultimate conservative plan. We said people have to take responsibility for getting insurance, if they can afford it, or paying their own way. No more free- riders.” [Fox News, 3/7/10]


Bob Bennett Sponsored Republican Alternative “Comes Even Closer To The Democratic Plans By Including An Individual Mandate To Buy Coverage…And Employer Requirements.”

Bob Bennett of Utah’s Health Plan, Mitt Romney

Mitt wasted no time in attacking the newly passed heath-care plan, which is similar to the Romney-care plan. It wasn’t long after Romney’s statements on the bill, journalist on the right and the left, began to write about Mitts puzzling and questionable remarks.

Huffington Post blogger Bart Motes, called Romney’s op-ed piece on National Review Online “bizarre”. Further taking Mitt to task for Romney saying, “President Obama has betrayed his oath to the nation”

Bart Motes called Romney on his statement writing:

“This is a strange and dangerous claim. If Obama has betrayed his oath, the only constitutional remedy is impeachment. Is Romney calling for impeachment? Every interview he conducts from now on should start with this question. If Romney believes that Obama betrayed his oath but impeachment is not called for, then he is unsuitable for office”

Romney’s statement leads one to ask, if Mitt betrayed his oath of office, when he signed into law the Mass. health-care bill into law? Or, is Mitt showing his continual lack of culpability, which has become a Romney trademark, in Romney’s attempt to negate any negative consequences, or responsibility for his previous and often conflicting positions.

Mitt is the catalyst for the “repeal and remove” moment -

David Frum, a former economic speechwriter for President George W. Bush, wrote in his piece: Repeal and Replace:

“It took 24 hours, but Republican party leaders have acknowledged the fantasy of “repeal.” New slogan is, “repeal and replace.” A big improvement. But it raises the question: Replace with what?”


“That would be a welcome development, but please note: the two Republicans who have produced such a coherent plan, Mitt Romney and Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, have both come under intense attack from the party’s activist base. Bennett faces a very serious primary challenge; Romney has run away from his own handiwork. Who wants to share their fate?”

“So the question should be pressed as Republicans speak of “replacement” : who is in charge of the process of drafting this replacement? What’s the deadline for completion? My guess is that there won’t be answers to those questions, that “replacement” will remain a more or less empty slogan through the 2010 elections.”

Maybe, Mitt feels he will leave the public in a dizzying spin, making them unable to see through his current deception. However, Romney might find his earlier statement this month, is an unintended self-fulfilling prophesy, when he stated: “in the words of an ancient maxim, “what starts twisted, ends twisted.”



  1. Romney has absolutely ZERO credibility when it comes to criticizing ObamaCare considering Romney signed into law govt mandated health insurance that established $50 abortions as a "healthcare benefit" (3 years after his supposed "pro-life conversion" in his healthcare plan that was endorsed by Ted kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood.

    Here is an e-mail I sent to Romney apologist RINO David Frum this morning cc'ing hundreds of top conservative leaders, lawyers and pundits in the media after I saw Frum defend RomneyCare on CNN last night. No response from Frum. And I don't expect one. Tough to defend the indefensible:

    Mr. Frum, last night I heard you say on Joy Behar's show on CNN that Mitt Romney's healthcare plan he signed into law in Massachusetts should be a model for the GOP and the nation.

    Certainly you are aware that Romney's healthcare plan which he considered his "crowning achievement" established abortion with a $50 co-pay as a "healthcare benefit.

    Proof Source:

    Are you not Mr. Frum?

    And certainly you must be aware that Romney signed these $50 tax subsidized elective surgical abortions into law almost 3 years AFTER his supposed "pro-life conversion." Are you not, Mr. Frum?

    And certainly you must be aware that Romney placed a permanent Planned Parenthood appointee on his healthcare advisory board (and no pro-life member) almost 3 years AFTER his supposed "pro-life conversion." No?

    And being a mover and shaker in the GOP, no doubt you are aware that the Wall St. Journal and Cato Institute both called RomneyCare a total failure which has all but bankrupted the state (in addition to Romney's 1 billion in tax and fee hikes).

    Proof Sources:

    So aside from the $50 death warrants Romney signed into law and the economic devestation that Romneycare has wrought, how exactly has Romneycare been a model for the future of healthcare in the United States, Mr. Frum?

  2. My goodness, Romney did not sign those into law, the congress did. You need more credible sources, but I guess only the educated can read and understand complex documents.

  3. Anonymous, my goodness... educated doesn't mean one has common sense. Common sense may be too complex for you to understand.

    Romney has a bad habit of trying to eliminate anyone who draws attention to his flawed character and spins.

    David Frum, by now has learned this lesson with his firing -- after Frum published an article which dissed Romney's argument in trying to distance himself from his own Mass. heath-care by attempting to lead a repeal.