Saturday, January 7, 2012

Journalist Lisa Miller, Scott Romney and Mitt

Lisa Miller did a piece in the Washington Post on January 7,2012 on Mitt Romney. Ms. Miller has done several pieces on Mitt through-out Mitts runs in 2008 and 2012 , but has failed to inform her readers that Lisa Miller is married the brother of Ellen Rogers, a wife of G. Scott Romney’s.

Lisa should disclose with her articles that she has a family relationship with the Romney family. It smacks of improper influence, since Lisa is a religious writer specializing in writing articles for leading print media and has a regular column in Newsweek. Especially since, Mitt is trying hard to get the religious right vote. One cannot expect readers, or the general public to know this information unless it is noted in the articles written.

Given that many of the Romney family members, their in-laws, and close friends have investments with Bain Capital, and Solamere was formed for Romney family investment, disclosure would be ethical when Ms. Miller writes and article on Mitt.

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