Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Have Re-read Post Dated April 24, 2013 Open Letter to Governor Rick Snyder

I have re-read my blog piece posting date of April 24, 2013 which is an open Letter to Governor Rick Snyder Requesting Removal of David T. Fischer Jr. from Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.   Link to post      There are no inaccurate statements made on the blog piece.  On an earlier blog piece titled Romney's Michigan Crime Family Exposed dated August 15, 2012, a YouTube clip was uploaded with documents on the post.     

After sending a letter to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission on  requesting removal of David T. Fischer and also contacting Governor Rick Snyder a second time requesting Fischer’s removal. David T. Fischer sent a letter on February 16, 2016, to me questioning the integrity of the April 24, 2013, post regarding him. This post not only answers the denial David T. Fischer made in his letter, but also serves as a rebuttal to Fischer’s denial. A re-post of the YouTube containing documents is below. I am aware, and have been for some time, the people mentioned in the YouTubes and in my blog, have known for many years of the posts and the YouTubes existence. David T. Fischer in the letter he sent, admitted he was aware of my blog for several years and I knew Mr. Fischer knew of the blogs posts existence. Scott Romney had received correspondence from when the blog was initially posted with a link to the post.

Documents, e-mail to Scott Romney with a copy sent to Samuel Jan Skousen. Julie Fischer’s notice are included in the YouTube uploaded in 2012. Julie Fischer taped a notice on my home notifying me she was the real estate agent appointed to sell the home where my youngest son and I were living when  my former husband put the home into foreclosure.

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