Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is Mitt Romney the “Trojan Horse” Candidate? Some say yes!

Update: It is doubtful Murdock would go for Mitt, if he knew of the Romney link to AUM, since AUM also operated in Australia and reeked a bit of havoc also there.

Is this Déjà Vu , or what?

Jeff Bercovici, wrote an intriguing article today on Murdoch backing presidential candidates. The byline of Bercovici article is the headline to today’s blog piece.
To quote Bercovici, who feels Mitt Romney would fall in line Romney being a favorite choice for Murdoch.

“Everything we know about his (Murdoch) personal politics suggests he'd prefer someone like Mitt Romney, who's pro-business and relatively moderate on
social issues.”

Murdoch, of course, is a media mogul, with influence which extends far beyond his native Australia. Bercovici article linking a powerful media legend, to a overly ambitious, flip flopping political contender, brought back memories of a movie which played on CBC during our last American presidential race.

The main character, Tom McLaughlin in CBC production, “Trojan Horse” is uncanny resemblance to presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Like Romney the character Tom McLaughlin, basis his political views according to the prevailing winds of what will win an election. Tom McLaughlin, in the flick, is also backed by a media mogul, who groomed the political hopeful for years.

Trojan Horse” is packed with double crossing, CIA, murder, election fraud – Diebold anyone? And a power hungry candidate willing to use and discard anyone along the way to seize the top position of President. God also plays into McLaughlin bag of tricks, as a useful tool, to appeal to the masses of religious voters.

Grab a cold ice tea, sit back and enjoy an entertaining and thought provoking flick.

See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/cWohVk