Thursday, January 13, 2011

Romney Involvement in Abuse of Woman and Children?

Missing court record calls into question the Romney families role. Court record carrying the Romney family name mysteriously ended up missing out of Livingston County Courts. Poof! - gone! Clerks searched high and low when questioned about the missing record, but it was gone - not to be found.

The lack of ethics and conscience by the Livingston County court and their entanglement with Livingston county leadership and political friendships endangers the safety of families and their children, putting in peril the personal welfare of anyone who falls under their shadow. This has not only harmed us, but threatens all of the counties citizens and can have an impact on our nation.

UPDATE: “When your own kids are your collateral damage, its time to hang it up-Satan has destroyed your soul.” – Roseanne Barr

Our children had become "collateral damage" to members of the Skousen family, and unhappily to some of my own family members, and to heavy hitters within Livingston County – as we dealt with cover-ups and cruelty within Livingston county and its court system. With many of the links going back to Romney family and their close supporters in Livingston County, as well as some of their friends in Michigan. Mitt Romney gave an exclusive to Steve Garagiola, the husband of Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola during the time she was handling my case. Steve is a Detroit Channel Four newscaster. Judge Garagiola stated in court, she didn’t care if she left my son and I homeless.

Steven Jentzen, an attorney I had hired, put in a motion in court, then failed to notify me of the court date, and Jentzen failed to show up to the hearing making me default in court. I later learned, Steven Jentzen was an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund and during the time Jentzen was representing me, he also was handling a case against Eastern Michigan University with David French, the head attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund. Later, my research showed David French is the head of Evangelicals for Mitt Romney. It didn't stop there – My home was put in foreclosure, meaning there would be no promised financial settlement.

Julie Fischer, the sister-in-law of DAVID T. FISCHER, taped a letter to my home stating she would be selling my foreclosed home – DAVID T. FISCHER is a close Romney family friend and was Mitt Romney's Michigan bundler during Mitts run for president in 2008 and currently Fischer is the Michigan Finance Co-Chairman for Mitt Romney for president 2012.

My ex had made a dirty deal and tried to hide the ‘deal’ from me, if he covered-up a sexual assault of one our children (which happened while at his home), the court would help leave me destitute to protect one of their own -- making my child and all of our children collateral damage for these past years - all of us are and have been mere barter.


Romney is for fraudulent foreclosures, it must be so his major campaign bundlers can run foreclosure sells on the homes of the victims of the Romney's

Romney supports robo- signing which has had numerous problems with people losing their homes due to bank errors.