Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mitt snubs cookies and lemon-aid, showing how sour Romney is

Mitt Romney disses Pennsylvania’s popular bakery with his snobbery. Romney’s Cookiegate “If he (Mitt) wants to be an idiot”, was a wise voters comment during a news interview – Mitt is an idiot. Maybe the cookies didn’t have a GODiva chocolate mark, after all Godiva has the words "God" and also "Diva". Yes, that must why Mittens was upset, because Mitt doesn’t like Pennsylvania Hershey’s chocolate chips. Or maybe, Romney's cookies require Swiss chocolate from where Mitts bank accounts are. But, then again, what can one expect from Romney a man who only had hundred dollar bills in his pocket and couldn’t give a buck to a kid. Or, the well-known singer Romney who sang “Who let the dog out” when meeting a group of African-Americans on his campaign bus tour? >>>>>>>>>>>>>Or, horsey man Mitt - Romney might not like the favorite bakery of Pennsylvania folk, feeling the bakery cookies look too 7 Eleven; however, Romney gives no hesitation in explaining how Ann needs ‘refreshment’ from her hard stay at home mom life by riding her million dollar horse. Mitt gets prissy about Ann’s DRESSAGE horse. Mitts cookiegate is a John Edwards moment for the Mitter. >>>>>>>>>>>> Then there is the flirty Romney, “ Don’t’ grabbed my butt”…. Oh, I was only joking Mitt Romney.>>>>>> >>>>>>>>Not to forget Mitt the military man, whose sons are serving the nation, “ One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president." Instead of enlisting in the military to fight wars Romney wants.>>>>>>>>>>>> Mitt Romney is one buffoon not needed in the White House.