Tuesday, June 4, 2013

John Rakolta's Jail Folly

John Rakolta Jr., a Romney family member and Romney’s financial national co-chair for Mitt’s 2012 run for president, is in trouble and the State of Michigan is thinking of helping to bail Rakolta Jr. out.  Rakolta owner of Detroit-based Walbridge Aldinger Co. won the bid for the Wayne County Jail project from scandal ridden Terry Mullins. In the past questions were raised on methods Rakolta used to get the Wayne County contract for the new jail. 100 million dollars has been already spent on the jail and an estimates of an additional 65 million dollars in cost overruns will be needed for completion.  

Not good news for Wayne County Executive Ficano, he now has another scandal on his hands.   Alas! Could there be hope on the horizons helping to subdue the coming jail scandal, a dark knight riding to the rescue?

Enter Dan Gilbert, the Detroit Greek Town Casino owner.  With the jail build massively over budget and behind on completion date,  Gilbert, a Romney insider, has offered to bail Wayne County out and buy Rakolta’s jail folly for a new casino – or should it be said another casino in Detroit. All are waiting for Gov. Rick Snyder’s, another Romney insider, decision.

Detroit is rapidly becoming a Romney Pottersville with Detroiters finding it’s not such a”wonderful life”.