Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Get Fired while Mitt Romney Invokes Nepotism for his Own Family

Romney likes to fire people except...

Romney has a different attitude when it comes to his own children and his sons wives. According to Ron Scott, a cousin of Romney’s, as Mitt’s kids began to get married; Romney “‘worked behind the scenes calling in favors, opening the doors finding jobs for his sons and daughters-in-laws”. “In doing so, he often made it quite plain he expected good job assignments for his family members and above average compensation"."He was not at all shy about complaining when things did not turn out that way”.

Romney holds a different standard for his own family, and a far harsher one for others. One wonders what else Mitt Romney arranges “behind the scenes”.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Journalist Lisa Miller, Scott Romney and Mitt

Lisa Miller did a piece in the Washington Post on January 7,2012 on Mitt Romney. Ms. Miller has done several pieces on Mitt through-out Mitts runs in 2008 and 2012 , but has failed to inform her readers that Lisa Miller is married the brother of Ellen Rogers, a wife of G. Scott Romney’s.

Lisa should disclose with her articles that she has a family relationship with the Romney family. It smacks of improper influence, since Lisa is a religious writer specializing in writing articles for leading print media and has a regular column in Newsweek. Especially since, Mitt is trying hard to get the religious right vote. One cannot expect readers, or the general public to know this information unless it is noted in the articles written.

Given that many of the Romney family members, their in-laws, and close friends have investments with Bain Capital, and Solamere was formed for Romney family investment, disclosure would be ethical when Ms. Miller writes and article on Mitt.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hypocritical, Weird, or Whimsical?

UPDATE: “The Register said the new count put Santorum ahead by 34 votes. Looks as if Romney did not win Iowa.

Romney won Iowa by eight votes. Romney's voting total was less than he received in Iowa in 2008. N.H. has long been sewn up by Romney with Mitt giving contributions heavily in the N.H. GOP. Romney even gave Richard Swett,a democrat from N.H and a fellow Mormon Church member $$$ for Swett's campaign.

Romney long known for his pandering, still isn’t breaking the 25% of GOP support, even with the money flowing into the media and from Romney campaign. It is hard to see how Romney is more electable, since Mitt only walked away in Iowa with eight vote lead.oks like with the new count Romney did not win Iowa.

Mitt is using money to buy the GOP bid for President. Mitt’s campaign filling the air waves with ads somehow justifying Mitt’s run for office and vilifying other candidates, got me thinking of Mitt telling Detroit to go bankrupt. Detroit was to go bankrupt with retiree’s losing their pensions, middle income families losing their jobs. While Mitt was telling Detroit to go bankrupt, Romney failing pizza business was getting a government bailout!

Mitt Romney failing Domino’s pizza got a 12 million dollar bail out from the government. Not only did the government give Dominos a bail out, it also put Mitts pizza in public schools lunch programs giving Mitt a nice guaranteed income! If that isn’t being on the public dole.

Is this another pay for play scheme,like the one Ratkola, Mitt’s national co-chair of finance is wrapped up in Detroit? Did Romney get his pizza bail out through his government connections?

Then news began to leak out about plans for a Domino’s pizza business on the Moon. Yes, on the moon. The Daily Telegraph ran an article on Dominos’ moon project.

“The competition has been taken beyond the stratosphere now, however, with construction firm Maeda Corp coming up with a plan for a dome-shaped concrete Domino's restaurant on the surface of the moon.” "We started thinking about this project last year, although we have not yet determined when the restaurant might open," Tomohide Matsunaga, a spokesman for Domino's, told The Daily Telegraph. The company also expects to be able to offer delivery services.

"In the future, we anticipate there will be many people living on the moon, astronauts who are working there and, in the future, citizens of the moon," he said.

Wow! people living on the moon, what a thought, just like Huntington had said! Well, Huntington kind of said, I should add. Oliver Huntington was a Mormon from the late eight-teen hundreds.

“Oliver B. Huntington in 1881. He said in his journal that Joseph Smith taught, "The inhabitants of the moon are more of a uniform size than the inhabitants of the earth, being about six feet in height. They dress very much like the Quaker style and are quite general in style or the one fashion of dress. They live to be very old; coming generally, near a thousand years" (History of the Life of Oliver B. Huntington, 10, typed copy, University of Utah).

"The Inhabitants of the Moon," an article printed in 1892 said: "As far back as 1837, I know that he [Smith] said the moon was inhabited by men and women the same as this earth, and that they live to a greater age than we do—that they live generally to near the age of a 1000 years. He described the men as averaging near six feet in height, and dressing quite uniformly in something near the Quaker style" (The Young Women's Journal 3:263)”. The Young Women’s journal was a LDS Church publication.

Guess the sun will be next for Domino’s Pizza,at least the company will not have to worry about cooking it’s pizza in ovens.

"So it is with regard to the inhabitants of the sun. Do you think it is inhabited? I rather think it is. Do you think there is any life there? No question of it; it was not made in vain. It was made to give light to those who dwell upon it, and to other planets; and so will this earth when it is celestialized" (Journal of Discourses 13:271)".

It will be no time at all that the former prophet of the Mormon Church’s statement will come true, and Mitt will next begin advertising his pizza with Big Foot munching on a slice. Yes, Big Foot also fits in to the tale.

"The Journal of Mormon History published an investigation into stories suggesting that the Bigfoot creatures are actually Cain from the bible, who murdered Adam and Eve's other son, Abel. The article was written by Matthew Bowman who cited a manuscript dating back to 1919. The manuscript tells of a missionary being attacked by a "huge hairy creature" whom the missionary drove off in the name of Christ! This event brought up a discussion at the time between missionaries concerning another story from famed Mormon missionary, David W. Patten, who had also encountered a Bigfoot in Tennessee. Patten described the Bigfoot as having no clothes, hairy and dark."

"Patten further explained in his story from 1835, that the Bigfoot wanders the Earth, has no home, is very miserable, unable to die, and seeks the souls of lost men. In Patten's story, he says he rebuked the beast in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and told him to leave. So, the Bigfoot departed."

Eight votes Mitt? One thing for sure if Mitt does get into the White House we are all in for a ride!

References given in the comments section.