Friday, December 23, 2011

Hypocrite Mitt Romney

"Mitt Romney: Vladimir Putin 'a threat to global peace"

"In an attempt to display his statesmanship potential, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wades into deep foreign policy waters discussing Iraq, North Korea and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin."

“There are still many friends among the Russians” Romney said. It is business as usual to the Romneys’. The Romney family has yet to own up to deep and long connections to high level former Soviets.

It is hard to fathom Romney criticizing Putin, since the Romney’s have had no objection to Oleg Ivanovich. Lobov is on the board at Kairos Development International and had ties to Aum Shinrikyo. Kairos International Development is a company the Romney’s are not fessing up to having long and deep connections.

Lobov was the Russian liaison to Aum Shinrikyo cult for the Serin attack on Japan, Russia supplying attack helicopters, small arms and deadly virus for a second wave attack on Japan planned after Japan suffered the subway serin attack. The statement by Mitt to The Telegraph reporter is among the most hypocritical statements given to the press to date.

Three-Quarters of the way through the You Tube below Alex Itkin, a Russian immigrant and President of Kairos Development International, is mentioned along with other issues involving the Romney family and their placement of Itkin in the Michigan GOP and elsewhere.

Mitt Romney's statement is nothing more than opportunistic grandstanding and trying to duck an issue the Romney family is yet to face.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

407 East Fort Street and Déjà vu

Mitt Romney's long time family insider and co-chair of Romney’s 2012 Finance committee, John Rakolta is again making news, showing up in photos linked to Detroit corruption. John Rakolta along with G. Scott Romney are Mitt’s national financial heads. “Edge Opportunities”, a company funding trips for embattled Wayne County commissioner Bob Ficano, is linked to John Rakolta. "Edge Opportunities" is located at 407 East Fort Street, Detroit, Michigan. (a few blocks from Scott Romney’s law office. Ok, it is a bit of a brisk walk away and one I am sure Scott Romney has taken several times!)

Is this Déjà vu or what? It sure is! 407 East Fort Street must be a regular Romney family hang out !!!!

Who's Involved with Bob Ficano's PAC?:

One can almost see Scott crawling under a desk.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mitt has to be proud of his good ole' boys!

11/7/11 - Howell School Board member Bob Parker, an area attorney and former Mayor of Howell, is under investigation for sexual harassment of a student and two district employees, after Livingston County sheriff closed the case. Typical for the sheriff's department, and the prosecutors office.

What's with you Parkers' anyway?

Deputy Kline, Prosecutor Pam Maas, Prosecutor David Morse, Prosecutor Valliencourt, Bob Parker, Ed Lliterski, Dan Graber, D/Sgt. Childres - is it any wonder our children are in danger in Livingston County? No, it isn't. The police report clearly states the case against Parker was closed.

A few years back, David Morse sent a cease and desist letter to a human trafficking ring in Livingston County just before an FBI raid was to happen. The prostitution ring closed up shop and moved to the other side of the county – where they were safe from the raid. Wonder if David Morse was protecting some of the county officials and the crony insiders?

Mitt Romney and the Romney family are the love of Livingston County, according to Alan Filip of the Livingston County GOP. "Allan Filip, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, said Romney "outperformed the state in Livingston County, but most would expect he would do well here. There is a lot of fondness for his family here in Livingston County", and it looks as if some of Romney good old boys are getting caught in their own scandal.

This isn’t the first case of a minor child being assaulted and covered by the county prosecutors. Morse and Pam Maas along with the other prosecutor’s office staff have shoved child sexual assault under the rug before. Given the fact there have been past allegations of court personal sleeping with each other and basing promotions in court by their bedmate ability, it should be no surprise the Sheriffs Dept. and Morse would attempt to shelve cases of sexual abuse, and harassment. And who would expect Ed Literski to do anything but refused to respond to a mothers call regarding her teenage daughters being the target of alleged sexual advances from one of the school board trustees.

The victim alleged she was “Sent money to buy alcohol while at school” any shock the school is being used to facilitate adult males to have access to minors? – Ed Literski what do you think about that?! Richard Trost what do you think about that?! How about you Gerald Edit?! I would like to hear your comments. What about you Judge Carol Hackett- Garagiola what is your opinion? And Judge David Reader is the mom crazy?!

I would love to hear your opinion on that Ed Literski on the school being used to facilitate an adult male access to a minor! Who delivered the money? Don’t mind Literski and Richard Trost if I complain like hell on this. Any thoughts on schools delivering items from adult males to minor children Richard Trost? Of course, Literski would not respond to the mother’s call to him. Any comments Ed? Any comments Pam Maas, David Morse? Maybe Ed Literski's law firm associate can stand in the courts hallway and laugh about it, right Ed?!

The good ole’ boys are only out to protect themselves and not the public. Don’t worry Mitt still loves you! You are all one big protective circle. Watch the lies and spins begin from David Morse, Pam Maas and staff. At least Detroit is getting routed out of its corruption, Livingston Counties is still in control. Pamela, Pamela, isn't it time the truth be told? Livingston County courts, prosecutors and county leadership are not capable of the truth and the Sheriff is too busy eating Domino's Pizza.

"If Detroit is the heart of corruption, Livingston County is its pacemaker" - Ms. McCord- Skousen

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Step by Step, Inch by Inch

Is a scandal about to break on Romney Corruption?

Mitt Romney’s long time, kind of in-law, John Rakolta* is entangled in the mind-boggling corruption beginning to surface in Detroit. This newspaper banner caught my eye.

“Severance-gate: Following Turkia Mullin's money leads to John Rakolta and other county contractors” by By Jeff T. Wattrick at

“As more is revealed about former Wayne County economic development director Turkia Mullin's compensation arrangement, the more I'm reminded of " All The President's Men ." Not just for the obvious reasons, but also for the scene in which Robert Redford's Bob Woodward explains what he and Bernstein uncovered about Don Segretti's dirty tricks”

In 2004 Turkia Mullin supports Ed McNamara's in his race for President of the United States and gives Democratic McNamara $500. Mullin in 2008 switches party from Democratic and gives Republican Mitt Romney $2,500. What’s going on Romneys? What's going on Mitt? What's going on Scott?

Not only that, did Turkia former hubby feel Mullin has been having an affair with John Rakolta? Rakolta is building the new jail in Wayne County. Mullin and John Rakolta were kind of co-bosses on the project, before Mullin went on to Detroit Metro Airport.

Rakolta is, as he always has been, a heavy backer of Mitt Romney – Oh, yes and they are also all great friends with DAVID T. FISCHER. It is one happy family in Detroit with the Romney mover and shakers pulling strings behind the scenes.

On Jun 9, 2011 Lauren Rakolta joined Mitt Romney's campaign as finance director in the state. The daughter of John Rakolta is head of Detroit-based construction firm linked to Detroit corruption. Lauren has also been the head of the Oakland County, Michigan GOP.

“Dirty Tricks”? A Romney specialty. Romney corruption would make Nixon’s eyes curl.

Is Scott Romney beginning to feel uncomfortable? Silly man, he should.

FBI Investigation Has Agents Seeking Records in Wayne County Offices:

"If Detroit is the heart of corruption, Livingston County is its pacemaker" - Ms. McCord- Skousen

FOX 2's Charlie LeDuff Digs into Turkia Mullin's Past:

The real-estate deal that went down in Macomb County sounds a lot like the real-estate deal attempted in Livingston County between Judge Suzanne Geddis, Gary McCririe who is Geddis brother in law, Ed Literski, David Morris, Richard Trost and a few others -- on a home in Brighton. The Livingston County grape-vine said someone in the 'county wanted the Skousen home", but didn't want to pay the value price... who is that someone?

Is Romney involved in abuse of Mother and her children? Read next blog piece located directly below for more on Romney corruption with two new updates added.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Romney Involvement in Abuse of Woman and Children?

Missing court record calls into question the Romney families role. Court record carrying the Romney family name mysteriously ended up missing out of Livingston County Courts. Poof! - gone! Clerks searched high and low when questioned about the missing record, but it was gone - not to be found.

The lack of ethics and conscience by the Livingston County court and their entanglement with Livingston county leadership and political friendships endangers the safety of families and their children, putting in peril the personal welfare of anyone who falls under their shadow. This has not only harmed us, but threatens all of the counties citizens and can have an impact on our nation.

UPDATE: “When your own kids are your collateral damage, its time to hang it up-Satan has destroyed your soul.” – Roseanne Barr

Our children had become "collateral damage" to members of the Skousen family, and unhappily to some of my own family members, and to heavy hitters within Livingston County – as we dealt with cover-ups and cruelty within Livingston county and its court system. With many of the links going back to Romney family and their close supporters in Livingston County, as well as some of their friends in Michigan. Mitt Romney gave an exclusive to Steve Garagiola, the husband of Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola during the time she was handling my case. Steve is a Detroit Channel Four newscaster. Judge Garagiola stated in court, she didn’t care if she left my son and I homeless.

Steven Jentzen, an attorney I had hired, put in a motion in court, then failed to notify me of the court date, and Jentzen failed to show up to the hearing making me default in court. I later learned, Steven Jentzen was an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund and during the time Jentzen was representing me, he also was handling a case against Eastern Michigan University with David French, the head attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund. Later, my research showed David French is the head of Evangelicals for Mitt Romney. It didn't stop there – My home was put in foreclosure, meaning there would be no promised financial settlement.

Julie Fischer, the sister-in-law of DAVID T. FISCHER, taped a letter to my home stating she would be selling my foreclosed home – DAVID T. FISCHER is a close Romney family friend and was Mitt Romney's Michigan bundler during Mitts run for president in 2008 and currently Fischer is the Michigan Finance Co-Chairman for Mitt Romney for president 2012.

My ex had made a dirty deal and tried to hide the ‘deal’ from me, if he covered-up a sexual assault of one our children (which happened while at his home), the court would help leave me destitute to protect one of their own -- making my child and all of our children collateral damage for these past years - all of us are and have been mere barter.


Romney is for fraudulent foreclosures, it must be so his major campaign bundlers can run foreclosure sells on the homes of the victims of the Romney's

Romney supports robo- signing which has had numerous problems with people losing their homes due to bank errors.