Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Open letter to Michigan Governor Richard Snyder requesting removal of David T. Fischer Jr. from Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission

Dear Governor Snyder,

I am requesting the removal of David T. Fischer Jr. from Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission. The Judicial Tenure Commission’s purpose is to “ensure the integrity of the judicial process and preserve public confidences in the court”. David Fischer is a political animal and too compromised to full fill the responsibility of the commission.

Several years ago, after divorcing and needing a job, I was hired at one of Fischer’s dealerships. I was unaware of the close relationship of Fischer and the Romney family, until the Michigan-Detroit Mission President for the Mormon Church, an associate of the Romney’s, entered the dealership. David Fischer Jr. drove into the dealership and parked outside my office window as the mission president entered the building.  Fischer sat in his car with his engine running observing me for over an hour, the duration of time the mission president was in dealership.  Fischer parking outside my window was inconsistent and odd behavior. While the mission president was in the dealership staff approached informing me of Fischer’s close friendship with members of the Mormon Church, further stating several of the staff also had close Mormon friends.  Prior, during and after the mission president’s visit at the dealership, harassing calls were transferred to my work phone.

Later, members of the Fischer family acted as an enforcer for an illegal deal to protect a child predator. David T.  Fischer Jr.’s family’s involvement is particularly distressing.  Prior to learning of an assault on my child, I received 5 hours of phones calls arriving every 10 minutes from a caller bragging about harming my child. Although, I contacted police of the calls and later informed the police again, as well as the county prosecutor when I learned an assault had taken place they did nothing.

 Over the next several years, I learned some of the details of the assault and also learned of a secret agreement made by legal authorities in Livingston County, my former husband Samuel J. Skousen and others to conceal the assault and protect a child predator.  Part of the agreement was I was to lose all martial assets if the predator was protected.  David T. Fischer Jr.’s sister-in-law was chosen as the realtor to sell the marital home I was living in. My former husband Samuel J. Skousen put the marital home in foreclosure during a long court battle. 

 I was horrified to find months after my home was sold in foreclosure, Mitt Romney, during a speech in Farmington Hills, Michigan, stood in front of a banner carrying the name of a company owned by the extended family of a man whom a PPO  was taken out to protect my child.  I e-mailed Scott Romney asking who was behind this and who obtained the political contributions - Scott, or David Fischer? Scott did not respond to my e-mail.

David T.  Fischer Jr. is in a position to punish judges that do not go along with a corrupt agenda, as well as protect judges who willingly go along.  Neither the public, nor victims can have confidence in the court and judicial system when people involved in wrong doing sit on the Judicial Tenure Commission.

I respectfully request David T. Fischer Jr.’s removal from Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.


Debbie (McCord) Skousen

 Please read and sign Change. Org open letter to Gov. Snyder

Additional Background and Biography of David T. Fischer Jr.

Appointments to the Michigan Judicial System are made by the Governor and do not need citizen, or legislators’ approval.   Governor Rick Snyder said when announcing Fischer’s appointment “David has extensive experience with the public and private sector. “His unique backgrounds will benefit the commission and citizens.”

“Flanked by delegates from Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder deferred the announcement of the state's delegate count to Mitt Romney's proud and emotional brother” – Mlive

Photo M-live, Scott Romney (suit with blue tie) middle Ronna Romney McDaniel, Governor Rick Snyder, 2nd row standing behind McDaniel is David T. Fischer Jr. (white hair, glasses) at GOP Tampa Convention

David T. Fischer Jr. is the owner of the Suburban Collection with dealerships through-out Michigan and Florida.

David T. Fischer Jr. served as Mitt Romney’s Michigan Finance Co-Chairman for Romney’s 2008 and 2012 run for President.   Mitt’s brother G. Scott Romney and in-law John Rakolta served as Mitt Romney’s National Finance Co-Chairmen.

David T. Fischer Jr. served at the Detroit Institute of Arts along with G. Scott Romney, and is a long time Romney family friend.

The Detroit-Michigan Mormon Mission Home is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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