Tuesday, November 22, 2011

407 East Fort Street and Déjà vu

Mitt Romney's long time family insider and co-chair of Romney’s 2012 Finance committee, John Rakolta is again making news, showing up in photos linked to Detroit corruption. John Rakolta along with G. Scott Romney are Mitt’s national financial heads. “Edge Opportunities”, a company funding trips for embattled Wayne County commissioner Bob Ficano, is linked to John Rakolta. "Edge Opportunities" is located at 407 East Fort Street, Detroit, Michigan. (a few blocks from Scott Romney’s law office. Ok, it is a bit of a brisk walk away and one I am sure Scott Romney has taken several times!)

Is this Déjà vu or what? It sure is! 407 East Fort Street must be a regular Romney family hang out !!!!

Who's Involved with Bob Ficano's PAC?: MyFoxDETROIT.com

One can almost see Scott crawling under a desk.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mitt has to be proud of his good ole' boys!

11/7/11 - Howell School Board member Bob Parker, an area attorney and former Mayor of Howell, is under investigation for sexual harassment of a student and two district employees, after Livingston County sheriff closed the case. Typical for the sheriff's department, and the prosecutors office.

What's with you Parkers' anyway?

Deputy Kline, Prosecutor Pam Maas, Prosecutor David Morse, Prosecutor Valliencourt, Bob Parker, Ed Lliterski, Dan Graber, D/Sgt. Childres - is it any wonder our children are in danger in Livingston County? No, it isn't. The police report clearly states the case against Parker was closed.

A few years back, David Morse sent a cease and desist letter to a human trafficking ring in Livingston County just before an FBI raid was to happen. The prostitution ring closed up shop and moved to the other side of the county – where they were safe from the raid. Wonder if David Morse was protecting some of the county officials and the crony insiders?

Mitt Romney and the Romney family are the love of Livingston County, according to Alan Filip of the Livingston County GOP. "Allan Filip, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, said Romney "outperformed the state in Livingston County, but most would expect he would do well here. There is a lot of fondness for his family here in Livingston County", and it looks as if some of Romney good old boys are getting caught in their own scandal.

This isn’t the first case of a minor child being assaulted and covered by the county prosecutors. Morse and Pam Maas along with the other prosecutor’s office staff have shoved child sexual assault under the rug before. Given the fact there have been past allegations of court personal sleeping with each other and basing promotions in court by their bedmate ability, it should be no surprise the Sheriffs Dept. and Morse would attempt to shelve cases of sexual abuse, and harassment. And who would expect Ed Literski to do anything but refused to respond to a mothers call regarding her teenage daughters being the target of alleged sexual advances from one of the school board trustees.

The victim alleged she was “Sent money to buy alcohol while at school” any shock the school is being used to facilitate adult males to have access to minors? – Ed Literski what do you think about that?! Richard Trost what do you think about that?! How about you Gerald Edit?! I would like to hear your comments. What about you Judge Carol Hackett- Garagiola what is your opinion? And Judge David Reader is the mom crazy?!

I would love to hear your opinion on that Ed Literski on the school being used to facilitate an adult male access to a minor! Who delivered the money? Don’t mind Literski and Richard Trost if I complain like hell on this. Any thoughts on schools delivering items from adult males to minor children Richard Trost? Of course, Literski would not respond to the mother’s call to him. Any comments Ed? Any comments Pam Maas, David Morse? Maybe Ed Literski's law firm associate can stand in the courts hallway and laugh about it, right Ed?!

The good ole’ boys are only out to protect themselves and not the public. Don’t worry Mitt still loves you! You are all one big protective circle. Watch the lies and spins begin from David Morse, Pam Maas and staff. At least Detroit is getting routed out of its corruption, Livingston Counties is still in control. Pamela, Pamela, isn't it time the truth be told? Livingston County courts, prosecutors and county leadership are not capable of the truth and the Sheriff is too busy eating Domino's Pizza.

"If Detroit is the heart of corruption, Livingston County is its pacemaker" - Ms. McCord- Skousen