Monday, February 27, 2012

A Big Bear Hug for David T. Fischer from Mitt Romney

Update 2/29/2012: In a private conversation between myself and Julie Fischer today, Julie stated she had no knowledge of David T. Fischer being the Michigan bundler for Mitt Romney, even though Julie admitted to having a congenial relationship with Richard Fischer. Julie went on to state her son by Richard Fischer is working for his father.

One would think Julie would be aware of the Romney/ Fischer alliance and of her son’s Uncle playing such an important role in the Romney campaign. David Fisher gave the introduction to presidential hopeful Mittens Romney in Detroit last week at Ford Field. Photographs of the two men appeared nationally as Romney showered Fischer with his public affection for David.

In this writer's opinion, I find Julie's statement as unbelievable as Mitt Romney's statement to CHARLIE LEDUFF. Leduff wrote the following article on Fox 2 Detroit after asking Romney about John Rakolta links to Detroit corruption. John Rakolta is National Co-Chair of Finance's for the Romney campaign. Co-Chaired also by Mitt's brother G.Scott Romney.

Rakolta is not only a close Romney insider but an extended Romney family member. Rakolta is the brother -in-law to G.Scott Romney's first wife Ronna Romney. Rakolta remained close with the Romney family even after a less than congenial break-up between Scott and Ronna. It was rumored Karl Rove was brought in to bring Ronna back under control after the divorce between Scott and Ronna.

“Will Michigan be Mitt Romney's Waterloo?
Mitt and Bob's Strange Bedfellow” by Charlie Le Duff:

“That’s because Romney and Bob Ficano, the Wayne County executive who is caught in the crosshairs of an FBI corruption probe, have a certain friend in common -- John Rakolta.

Rakolta is a prominent Detroit developer whose company Walbridge won a $300 million contract last summer to build the new Wayne County jail.

In turns out Rakolta is Romney’s co-national finance chairman.The feds are investigating a pattern of pay-to-play in the jail deal and have subpoenaed the county’s records in connection with Walbridge. As it happens, Rakolta has been a contributor to the Democrat Ficano, a member of Ficano’s finance host committee, and a $25,000 contributor to a non-profit business group know as Edge Opportunities that paid Turkia Mullin to lobby the county development czar.”

“My understanding is he’s helping in the investigation, not a target of it. So there’s no culpability on his side so far as I’m aware,” Romney said. “He’s helping in an investigation as one of the witnesses against potential wrongdoing as far as I understand.”

Well, not exactly.

Rakolta, who for some reason was out of town when Romney appeared in Michigan, sent me this statement:

“The federal government has not contacted Walbridge or me regarding its ongoing investigation of Wayne County, nor have we received any subpoenas.”

Jason Carr Draws Producer Ed Pevos:

For more on Romney's unbelievable statement to LaDuff cut and paste link above.

Only suspects are not contacted by the FBI.

(end of update)

David T. Fischer, after walking Mitt Romney on to the stage at a nearly empty Ford Field in Detroit, is given a big bear hug by Mitt. Fischer is a long time water carrier for Romney and is the owner of Suburban auto dealerships. Fischer is Mitt Romney head Michigan bundler.

It wasn't too many years ago David Fischer's brother Richard, who was married to Julie Fischer, and lives in Brighton, Michigan ( Brighton is located in Livingston County), lost his GM dealership after a lengthy investigation. Seems all is not well in the Fischer's and it isn’t always a bed of roses for the Fischer family - their roses have a heavy amount of thorns, many of which may come back and prick their fingers.

Guess, David T. Fischer won't have anything to worry about if he did not send any fleets of cars to Russia and break any franchise agreements with auto manufactures, by sending cars in an unhanded and unethical manner to Russia. Rumor has it there was a man with a heavy Russian accent calling into one of Fischer's dealerships asking about sending fleets of cars into his homeland, and some of Fischer's office staff reported the paper shredder was working over time not long ago. Makes one want to ask what type of dirty dealings have been going on between the Romney's and Fischer?

It also has been stated David Fischer has a fondness for paperclips, the large, heavy duty type. If someone wants to get on David's good side leave a handful at his desk, by the drivers side door of his car, or better right on the front seat of his car. David will love you for it!

But no matter what Mitt loves David -

“Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) hugs Michigan businessman David Fischer after Fischer introduced Romney as the keynote speaker during a luncheon hosted by the Detroit Economic Club at Ford Field on February 24, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. Michigan and Arizona residents will go to the polls on February 28 to vote for their choice for the Republican presidential nominee.”

A photo of David Fischer getting a big bear hug from Mitt at link below.

The Romney’s are never ashamed of the abuses they are involved in, the more public boasting they can do the happier they are.

Is Romney Involved in Abuse of Woman and her children? (link below and ties to David T. Fischer and the Fischer family)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

U of M

Poster James Otto brings up Romney on the February 7, 2012 Channel Seven News Report

James Otto
"this is like dr smith the kennedy kid, when he said HOW CAN YOU DEFEND YOURSELF OF THE ACCUSATION OF RAPE? porn can be placed on computer like drugs in cars... like the romney joke as shown in the news.. he rented a cop uniform and had person place open beer etc in the truck of a friends car and he fake cop him with a pull over.. then harassed him with the open beer found etc... romney joke at cranbrook an a serious crime. yet two peds doctors in last few months busted in porno scam in ann arbor...It is there, but how do you stop it if the doctor has rights like SMITH... if your rich you beat it and if not rich your a registered sex offender... have lie detectors tests of all peds residents. or call them emperor tiberius..."

The cover-up of child sexual abuse is never a joke, nor sexual abuse against women. Child sexual abuse within the Mormon Church has been covered-up for decades; even in the Michigan Mormon Bloomfield Hills Stake. As well as, through-out Michigan in areas where the Romney family has dominated.

The Romney's have invested in porn, so maybe to them it is a joke.

"Shhh, don't tell you will hurt Gods work" quote from a Michigan Mormon Church authority.

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