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Mitt, Scott Romney, Samuel J. Skousen, his siblings, Bain and Russia

Update: 12-24-2012   The last of the Romney family presidential ambitions were seen on election night.  It is difficult to see how the Romney family can have impact on our nation’s political system in the future. No doubt, any influence will be in local and regional areas where they have friends still in place.  On a personal note, it was a relief to see an end come to the Romney clan quest for presidential power. Samuel J. Skousen, my former husband, has used his association with the Romney family to abuse, influence courts and  is currently ignoring  court order of Judge Jameson. Jameson is an out of county judge brought to take over from Judge Carol Hackett- Garagiola after my YouTube Series went public on Livingston County Court corruption. Mr. Skousen in court often dropped the Romney family name and his associations. My former husband's intent was to leave my son and I homeless and life in shambles. 

 I appreciated a call received the day after the election from  John H. Meier who shared his feeling my blog had an impact on the election outcome.  He felt the blog has encouraged others to come forward with information.  We will see what the future holds with the revealing of additional information.

I thank the people from various political views who took the time to speak with me over the 2008 and 2012 election cycle that had concerns about Romney. Many of the people became the push back against a Romney presidency.

The Romney's and Mormonism are deeply intertwined.  Mormonism is an affliction to me and not a blessing. It's people  damaged my children; as did  administrators Susan I/S and Eric Kettunen from Recovery from Mormonism at  Ex Mormon.org.-they coupled with former and active Mormons in my area with  interjected mobbing.  These two inter-connected groups have the same underlying tone of sanctioned privilege and mobbing.  I have learned much about the psyche of this intertwined and often related  group of people.


 The Romney family has hidden their connections to Russia and top former Soviets for decades.   It would stand to reason a good portion of their families’ wealth has been derived from this dark underworld connection.  Scott Romney, Mitt Romney and a number of movers and shakers associated with the Romney family are hiding this secret from the American public and voter.

Romney is unfit for the Oval Office and the American voter needs to be aware.  Below is a repeat from earlier 2010 blog pieces from my website with added updates included.

Romney Family Ties to Aum Shinrikyo cult and Attack on Japan

On 8-19-2010 on the Alex Jones show during an interview, Joel Skousen gave a sideways endorsement for Romney for president, saying Romney is NOT A KNOWN conspirator. (Romney may be THE conspirator however, “not known” are the key words). Joel stated “they” want a Republican for the "BIG WAR coming up". “They” are setting up a back lash against Obama. Joel feels if “they” (this they must be social conservatives) run Palin “they” (the globalist?) will keep Obama for another four years. (Don’t you feel yourself getting set up with what Joel has to say next? If not, you should)

Joel stated, “Romney was a non-conspirator, Mitt Romney is not a known* conspirator, he (Romney) would be like Reagan and see too much, and “they” don’t have much dirt on him (Romney).” No Dirt on Romney? Not true, there is plenty of dirt on the Romney’s, only the public is unaware.

Romney had Cofer Black on his last presidential committee in 2008. Cofer Black brought in Mitchell and Jessen into the CIA and set up the enhanced torture program, and intimidated CIA agents who disapproved of the enhanced torture program. Mitchell and Jessen are also Mormons. People are not putting the dots together.

Romney sounds like the ‘war monger’ president to me, which is needed for that big war Joel mentioned. Romney is close to Mike Rogers Congressman from Michigan who is behind the wiretapping's, which were declared illegal a few years back. Rogers is in the running for the head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee currently. (Update: Mike Rogers was appointed head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee, an LA Times article stated Rogers’s purpose is to shut down the Justice Department investigations of the Tortures - Mitchell and Jensen’s torture program supported by Mitt Romney)

It was interesting; Joel mentioned N. Korea will be used as the catalyst for the next big war during his 08/19/2010 interview with Jones. N. Korea is close to Russia. The Russians built North Korea’s nuclear reactor and most of the nuclear technology comes from Russia. Most of N. Korea’s missiles are based off Russian designs, and people highly connected* with high level Russians would know, or have influence on what N. Korea is going to do, or have influence over actions taken by N. Korea.

“Mitt Romney has a lot of money behind him to put himself back in”, Joel stated. Romney sure does Joel. The money is coming from Salt Lake City, by buckets, and the Romney’s have STRONG ties to Alex Itkin president of Kairos International Development Inc  located at 3273 Bathurst Ave.Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309 USA.  Mr. Itkin is a former high level soviet. He also served on the Inauguration Committee for President Bush. Itkin has held a position on a GOP Congressional Committee assisting in electing GOP congressmen.  Wonder how Mr. Itkin got tied up with Bush? Alex Itkin has long ties to the Romney family. Mitt Romney, as people know was just endorsed by the Bush’s for the next president in 2012. Bush’s and the Romney family are longtime friends—like Karl Rove. Rove was groomed by Utah Senator Bob Bennett and Rove is a Romney backer – getting the picture here?

Oleg Ivanivich Lobov is on the board at Kairos. Lobov is tied to the Sarin attack on Japan, he is a high level Russian with ties to the former KGB and current FSB etc. Russia supplied attack helicopters, small arms and Ebola Virus for a second and more devastating attack on Japan.

Ask Joel Skousen about this, one of Joel’s relatives is deeply involved and Joel knows about it — and has for years!  Joel is aware of these connections from of a  phone call conversation I had with Joel Skousen after my divorce of Samuel J. Skousen.  The Skousen family had been slandering me and it had gotten to the point of damaging my children.  A call was made to Joel over some comments made.  Joel understood the connections with my former husband and understood the connections with the former Soviets.

The Romney family, and members of the Skousen family are deeply involved in this and take a look at the names of the  people who are also involved in Kairos Development International!!

Two Mormons, SAMUEL SKOUSEN who lives in  New Hudson, Michigan with his second wife Janice  Skousen and Don Bolieau from Oakland County, Michigan are on the board of Karios Development International, along with high level former soviets. There are many more former high level soviets involved not listed on the company’s web pages since Karois is a Russian owned company linking back to Moscow owners.

Samuel SKOUSEN has a long, long connection to Kairos Development International, Don Bolieau has been brought in within the past decade.

Kairos International Development is now working extensively in Africa for Gazprom. SAMUEL J. SKOUSEN, aka Sam Skousen, is working with Itkin on the Nigeria project, and is also on the board at Kairos, along with the following individuals listed below, Mr. Skousen’s association with Alex Itkin is very close and SKOUSEN has served as adviser, as well as once listed as VP of Kairos Development International:

Oleg Ivanivich Lobov – linked to sarin attack in Japan, his bio below:

Education: Ph.D in Civil Engineering
Honors: Honorary Builder of Russia, Honorary Academician of several Russian and foreign Academies.
1997-pres. Association of International Cooperation, Chairman.
1987-1997 Deputy Prime Minister of Russia;
Minister of Economy of Russia;
Secretary of the Security Council of Russia;
Special Presidential Envoy in Chechnya.

Next on the board-

Pyotr Ivanovich Radionov
Education: Ph.D. in Economics
MS Civil Engineering from Leningrad Politechnical Institute
2002 – pres. “SEVERNEFTGASDOBICHA”, President
1997-2002 “GASPROM”, First Deputy Chairman
1996-1997 Minister of Energy of Russia

Think of the influence! Sure Romney is no conspirator, and pigs fly!

Khrushchev Threatens Dag & U.N. 1960

" I once said "We will bury you," and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.”   - Nikita Khrushchev  

Working class? Or the executive, venture capital and hedge fund class?
It is hard to fathom Romney criticizing Putin, hard to fathom Romney pointing fingers at Obama, since the Romney’s have had no objection to Oleg Ivanovich. Lobov is on the board at Kairos Development International and had ties to Aum Shinrikyo. Kairos International Development is a company the Romney’s are not fessing up to having long and deep connections.

Lobov was a  Russian liaison to Aum Shinrikyo cult for the Sarin attack on Japan, Russia supplying attack helicopters, small arms and deadly virus for a second wave attack on Japan planned after Japan suffered the subway sarin attack. The statement by Mitt to The Telegraph reporter is among the most hypocritical statements given to the press to date.

Three-Quarters of the way through the You Tube below Alex Itkin, a Russian immigrant and President of Kairos Development International, is mentioned along with other issues involving the Romney family and their placement of Itkin in the Michigan GOP and elsewhere.

On the personal side, this has been a painful journey and difficult struggle, one where we found few in our community of Brighton, Michigan who were unwilling to harass and batter my children and me- most did.  Also painful, was finding so few people of moral integrity, I found instead  people with an abundance of willingness to batter, exploit and barter favor for themselves on our abuse.

Scott Romney in my opinion,  is one of the lowest people around and I am still puzzled how he can see himself as a human being.  In my opinion, monster isn't even a word of significant depth for the vileness done against my children and me.   

For the American public -

Romneys feel they can buy most Americans with business deals, bribes and of course, a well put threat.    This may be true, however it may not be the case with the American Voter.  Romney should be block from obtaining the Oval Office. The American people  should also demand the removal of  Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers (R) from Michigan. Rogers has been a long time water-carrier for the Romney family. Mike  Rogers is currently not revealing Romney' s  ties to a Chinese company now under investigation in his committee.Mike Rogers is also behind the illegal wiretapping in the Patriot Act, he is involved in removing further American rights, as well as his participation in abuses in Livingston County Michigan.

For more on Mike Rogers and Romney see my other blog "The Mitt Romney Torture Series" http://justthoughts-blogger.blogspot.com/

 The  people in the State of  Michigan should demand the removal of David T. Fischer, the Michigan Financial  head of Mitt's 2012 run for president,  from the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission and a clean- up of their state's GOP.   Michigan GOP leaders do not believe in family values, human rights or civil rights – they believe in money. As for other political sides,  Scott Romney said  "in Michigan we have many liberal friends"… some appear to be on trial right now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exposing Romney an interview with Debbie McCord-Skousen – on Jeenyus Corner

UPDATED  information on 10/08/2012-

The topics covered on Jeenyus Corner include the cover-up and abuse in the Michigan Mormon Church, in particular the Howell, Michigan Mormon Ward. Harassment stemming from the Recovery from Mormonism Forum administrators Susan I/S and Eric Kettunen, along with active Mormon Church members and inactive Mormons in Michigan exacerbated the abuses inflected my children and me,  when they aligned in harassing.  The Recovery from Mormonism Forum is an internet organization that claims to be a support for exiting Mormon Church members.

Additional discussions during the interview, focus on G. Scott Romney, Bain Capital, Robert Gay, and Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors Ltd, is an off shore account set- up in Bermuda in 1997 by Mitt Romney.  Sankaty was transferred into Ann Romney’s name just before Romney took the governor’s seat in Mass.

Eric Jackson, from the Panama News, pointed out in an article that Romney’s Bain Capital partner Frank Kardonski also set up a Panama account carrying the name Sankaty. Johnson posed a question in his article, could the Panama LTD held by Kardonski be a hidden shell company owned by Romney and funneling money into Ann’s Sankaty High Yield Ltd account?   Uhmm, it is a thought.  Are Romney’s so underhanded? Could it be a reason why Ann Romney said “You people” don’t’ need to know any more about our taxes?

Sankaty is a lighthouse on Nantucket Island, MA.   The fascination the Romney’s have with the name Sankaty continues with “Sankaty Advisors, LLC, the credit affiliate of Bain Capital, LLC, is a leading private manager of fixed income and credit instruments”.

To hear my interview see link below discussing the topics above as well as attorney disbarment and the needed removal of David T. Fischer from the Judicial Tenure Committee:


Scott Romney is a major player in his brother’s campaign and has crisscrossed the U.S. as the Mitt Romney 2012 National Financial  Co-Chair drumming up donations for his younger brother’s presidential campaign.  Scott Romney also attended the Tampa GOP convention as an alternate delegate for Michigan.

 John Rakolta, another Romney family insider shares a co-chair position on the National Financial committee with Scott Romney.  Rakolta also attended the Tampa convention as an alternate delegate for Michigan. Of course, Scott and Mitt Romney’s close friend David T. Fischer attended the GOP convention alongside Scott’s daughter Ronna Romney McDaniel (named after his ex-wife) was photographed along with McDaniel as Scott Romney announced Mitt’s nomination.   David T. Fischer is crisscrossing Michigan as Mitt Romney’s 2012 Michigan Financial head collecting funds for Mitt Romney’s campaign and is a close Romney family friend.

Below center with open mouth G. Scott Romney, behind Scott with white hair is David T. Fischer, in front of Scott is Ronna McDaniel Romney August 27, 2012 - Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images North America) Is that John Rakolta standing behind Scott Romney with his hand on Scott’s shoulder?

According to a Detroit News report, 140 Romney family members attended the convention.  Lynn Keenan a sister of Romney from Michigan her children and grandchildren, and a second sister Jane Hinckley Robinson, who lives in California came from across the country.
 Governor Rick Snyder in front of Michigan sign, to the side in glasses, white hair and open shirt David T. Fischer, center in medium blue jacket, long dark hair Ronna Romney McDaniel, holding note pad, blue and white strip tie G. Scott Romney. (August 27, 2012 - Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images North America)

Ronna Romney, Scott’s first wife,  had four children by Scott :George M , Ronna McDaniel, Mark H. Romney, Christina Romney. Ellen Rogers, Scott's second wife had two children by Scott: Madison and Griffin.

Five of Scott Romney’s children live in Michigan. His eldest children old enough to be married live in Michigan  along with their spouses and Scott's grandchildren.   Scott’s third wife is  Sherri Cope Jelalian Varady Romney,  they married in July of 2011 according to wikipedia. Not in wikipedia, Sherri Cope Jelalian Varady Romney lived earlier in Howell, Michigan located in Livingston County Michigan.  Romney's third  wife’s links begin to shed additional light. Sherri’s first husband was a life member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints whose funeral service was held at the Livonia Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 31450 Six Mile Rd., Livonia. Sherri and her second husband Keith M. Varady lived in Howell, Michigan. Clara Cope, another relative also lived in Howell.

 "Allan Filip, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, said Romney "outperformed the state in Livingston County, but most would expect he would do well here. There is a lot of fondness for his family here in Livingston County," he said. The candidate's parents, former Gov. George Romney and Lenore Romney, are buried in a Brighton cemetery.” "He also made a big outreach to people in this county" by visiting the area and assigning "a full-time staff person" to handle his campaign locally."

Livingston County is where we were harassed, abused, threatened, our home broken-into, faced corrupt judges and local officials,  attorneys were compromised, faced a questionable sheriff’s department and my children’s and my life ruined. 

***** As a note Livonia Mormon Church Ward shares the same building as Northville Mormon Church Ward on Six Mile Rd. in Livonia. The Mormon Church members from the two wards would know each other well.

Scott Romney attends the Bloomfield Hills Mormon Church Ward located in Oakland County, at 37425 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 and the same Mormon Church ward the Romney family has attended for over 55 years.  Scott served briefly as a Mormon Bishop at Bloomfield Hills Ward  prior to his divorce from his first wife.  Bloomfield Hills is approximately 50 miles from Howell and a one hour drive away. 

Ronna Romney McDaniel, along with other Romney family members resides in city of Northville, Michigan and are active members in the Northville Mormon Church Ward.  The same Mormon Church ward Samuel J. Skousen and his second wife Jan Skousen attend. Scott Romney’s daughter Ronna McDaniel is set to be the next Romney rising star in the GOP or at least it looks as if it is in the Romney families hope chest – if her rising star isn't dimmed by tarnish.

 After suffering years of abuse, threats, intimidation, and cover-ups a protest was done outside the Northville Mormon Church ward by a step-son of Janice Nielsen Skousen and the son of Samuel Jan Skousen.   An e-mail sent to Scott Romney by me regarding David T. Fischer’s sister-in-law selection as the Realtor for my home my ex-husband foreclosed on against earlier court orders to sell. In addition Scott was made aware of the threats hurled by Janice Nielsen Skousen,  my son’s Mormon step-mother,  that he remain silence or he would suffer marginalizing and other consequence;  other children of mine were equally warned.

 It was too coincidental Fischer's extended family was the enforcer carrying- out the end of an illegal deal struck to cover –up a crime.  A deal I was unaware of for many years after it was struck, a portion of the illegal agreement involved me losing all marital assets as part of the conditions if a perpetrator was protected.

Not to mention Paulson family members financial support of Romney’s campaign and Mitt standing brazenly in front of a banner during his speech in Farmington Hills, Michigan carrying some of  Paulson family member’s names.  The question remains who took their contribution? Fischer, McDaniel, Scott Romney?

Many of the Michigan Republicans who harmed my children and me gathered in Tampa at the GOP Convention.  The Detroit News stated the Michigan delegation was given plum first row seating and “premier hotel arrangements” to witness Mitt Romney’s “coronation” at the GOP convention.

PHOTO: Scott Romney, brother of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Ronna Romney McDaniel, committeewoman for the Michigan Republican Party, David T. Fischer and Rick Synder Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, on Aug. 28, 2012.Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty image Live Blog: Republican National Convention Day 3 Aug 28, 2012 09:56 PM

  Mitt’s “coronation” is a far cry from Romney’s ancestor who lived in poverty, squalor and disease of their neighborhood- fleeing living conditions that would rival the largest slums of Brazil today.  People in the slums of England joined the Mormon Church by the throngs, taking advantage of the immigration fund set up by the Mormon Church, as an escape from the poverty of England’s poorest neighborhoods that brimmed and overflowed with crime and disease. The Emigrating Fund Company, brought enormous number of people from poverty stricken areas in England, Wales and the deeply impoverish sections of Denmark into Utah.  The Romney’s and the Skousen’s were among these people. The new immigrants exploded Utah’s population giving Brigham Young’s enormous power in the territory.  Both the Romney’s and Skousen families eventually settled in Mexico in the same Mormon polygamist colony.

 The Romney’s may be attempting to escape from their improvised roots and their early need to rely on others charity –from their ancestor that left England in the  1800’s  to their father George Romney who grew up on government welfare.  No, doubt this is where Romney’s disdain for the 47% is rooted – in a dark and hidden past and prompts the Romney’s callous behaviors towards others.

The Romney’s have covered-up too many crimes, corrupted attorneys, judges, courts, law enforcement, mobbed, victimized, exploited and battered too many people, using Mormon Church members, cronies, and political insiders to carry out their vicious acts to act as their proxies.  The Skousen family should be ashamed at the abuse they heaped on my children and me. Sadly, Samuel Skousen's eldest sister Lani Larkin from Sandy, Utah boasted about obtaining her Romney/Ryan window sticker on Twitter and cannot contain herself about her avid support for Mitt Romney the criminal syndicate boss, as well as  her following of Karl Rove.

 Jan Nielsen Skousen bubbles over with support for Romney with never ending attempts to endear herself to Ronna Romney McDaniel even displaying her eternal devotion to the Romney's by  becoming one of the 45 followers on  Ronna Romney McDaniel  Pinterest page. Janice also goes by Janice Nielsen.

Jan's enthusiasm hasn't diminished since Romney's run in 2008. Jan Nielsen Skousen posted on Boston.com during Mitt’s last run in 2008-

"2. I am thrilled to hear someone stand up for religion and America! I want someone as President of this country who can stand up for both of these things. I want a man who is intelligent, who is exemplary, who has deep conviction, and will stand by his principles!
I am voting for Romney all the way!"  - Posted by Jan Skousen December 6, 07 11:39 AM

update:  Janice  on her Facebook also shows Ronna Romney McDaniel as her friend and Jan Skousen posted the following:

Janice (Nielsen) Skousen
November 7 near New Hudson, MI via mobile
"I'm honored for the opportunity to support Mitt Romney during his campaign. Sure I wanted him to win, but I also understand the power of a country is in those people who live within its boundries. May we join together in prayer because through God any thing is possible."

Janice (Nielsen) Skousen
October 16 near Detroit, MI
"oh my gosh, I can't believe this many is lie right to our FACE! Thank you Romney for correcting the lie! Can't believe it"

Janice (Nielsen) Skousen
September 18
"I read Mitt Romney comment about the 47% who will vote for Obama, I would like to know what is wrong with telling the truth! How refreshing to hear an honest politician saying what needs to be said. Romney doesn't need to applogize for his words in any way. Truth is truth and the only thing that will hurt our nation is if we choose to hide under a rock and pertend everything is alright. Another great virtue of Governor Romney!"

Samuel Skousen declared his undying support for Romney, even at the expense of his family, as he assisted in covering-up one crime after another. And one assault after another by members of his Skousen family and the Mormon Community.

The Romney family feels Mitt was "coroneted"  at the GOP convention in Tampa and they are now the part of a royal court. The Romney campaign uses it's influence to exploit, intimidate,defraud and batter people in their attempt cover-up wrong doing by their family members. The Skousen family has condoned and encourage abuse to cover-up crimes, wrong doing and theft of marital assets. The two families have worked in unison to batter and silence victims.

Is this what America needs?