Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joel Skousen on Alex Jones Endorsing Romney

Joel Skousen appeared on Alex Jones, and attempted to give Mitt Romney an endorsement - Joel must have thought he was being cunning, but Skousen was easy to see through. Skousen's visit to Jones was to help his buddy Romney out. BUT what everyone should be concerned over is Joel’s comments on the war to come and needing the right person in the White House for the start of the war.

There are many things people should be worried about with Romney. Associations the Romney's are not admitting too, are located in part 3 (below) of a series and located 1/2 through the You Tube below: ---

Very vindictive Romney's and Skousen's -
all the intimidation, battering and abuse, then taking everything and leaving them homeless. --- how cruel and you call yourself religious ---

The other parts in the series are located on You Tube under "Michigan's Livingston County Courts"

The You Tubes became necessary because the system in Livingston county was/is too influenced and corrupted for the cover-ups, battering, abuse, and fraud to stop. Too the point Mr. Skousen (the ex-husband), in the You Tubes on RichardTheEdwin channel page, was mocking and dropping names of people he was connected to, to intimidate. The names being dropped were high level names linked to Mitt Romney's campaign and close friends of both Mitt and Scott Romney. An e-mail was sent to Scott Romney, by me, chewing Scott out and repeating the names Mr. Skousen was attempting to intimidate me with. Scott cannot fly under the radar forever.