Monday, January 28, 2013

Detroit Corruption Trial of Kwame Kilpatrick and Romney family links

If John Rakolta was  extorted 5 million dollars, why isn't Rakolta on the witness stand?

Shouldn't Rakolta be on the witness stand, weeping and tell the jury and public how terrified he was of Kilpatrick. Shouldn’t the victim Rakolta, give a description on the witness stand how Kwame did a shake down on him and the mere presences of Kwame sent Rakolta into a state of uncontrollable fear?

 Did Terry Mullins shake Rakolta down also and strike the same cord of fear in Rakolta?  

Powerful John Rakolta, a Romney family in-law, the co-chair of Mitt Romney’s National Finance for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, along with G.Scott Romney, from Michigan’s most powerful law firm, was terrified of Kwame Kilpatrick and handed over bundles of cash to Kilpatrick?

  Rakolta, a man whose relatives put in place governors, senators and congressmen into state and national positions, whose relatives have manipulated, mobbed, and covered-up child hood sexual abuse for decades in the Michigan Mormon Church was cowered by Kilpatrick?  Not to mention, one Romney family best friend is Karl Rove, noted for insidious political dirty tricks and who is also known  for taking out anyone in the way.

 Kilpatrick the man whom Peter Karmanos stated “is the best we have” and  collected funds from Michigan’s most powerful for Kwame. Karmanos who give KK  jobs, homes and protection- shakes Rakolta to the core?  John’s brother -in-law, Scott Romney, sits on the board of Compuware and is  long time close friend with Karmanos.  Kwame is some powerhouse of political clout!

 There is no doubt money was changing hands, contracts given, others bidders shut out. Is it extortion or willing partners in bribery and kick- backs?   Members of the Romney criminal syndicate are innocent victims?  Ridiculous. The Romney criminal syndicate act like thugs themselves.  During the RNC convention, votes were rigged and Republican delegates threatened, some hi-jacked and forced to stay on a bus to miss voting – all by members and supporters of Romney’s group, while Scott Romney guided the Romney family and state GOP friends into the most lush accommodations  and favored seating offered during the RNC convention.  The Romney family that has bought off judges, attorneys and rig voting are terrified by Kilpatrick?

 There was money exchanging hands, favors done, maybe even cover-ups.  Kilpatrick looks more like a ‘wise guy’ or someone the Romney criminal syndicate would see their Detroit black stooge, maybe one that got too greedy for them, cut a little too much into the profits they were racking in from  Detroit contracts.

Derrick Miller, Kilpatrick’s friend and liberal democrat, surprisingly stood on stage and backed Republican Mitt Romney for President.  Ferguson went from Kwame to work for Rakolta.  Even Tony Soave is a Romney backer, Synagro is owned by Carlyle  Group and were also backers of Romney - the list goes on. 

 This should make every Michigan citizen wonder and question who the real criminals are in Detroit and Michigan.

I already know-