Monday, March 26, 2012

Romney advisor in trouble over ethics violations

Another Romney advisor is in trouble for ethics violations. Romney’s campaign is plagued with advisors with ethical business violations – similar to what happened in Romney’s 2008 campaign.

Romney advisor, Peter Schaumber had received sensitive agency information from Terence Flynn, a member of the National Labor Relations Board. Schaumber, a one time labor relations board member, now works for the Romney campaign advising Romney on labor issues. An investigation turned up the ethical violation and the AFL-CIO has asked for Romney to dismiss Schaumber, and requested an investigation by the Justice Department.

This isn’t the only problem with the people Romney has surrounded himself with. Romney’s national financial co-chair John Rakolta, is linked to Detroit’s pay n’ play scandal, as well as Edge Opportunities which funded embattled Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's trips to Asia. Rakolta co-chairs the national position with G. Scott Romney, Mitt's older brother. It is rumor Rakolta had an affair with Terry Mullins, a democrate turned Romney supporter. Mullins was over the bidding for the Wayne County jail, which Rakolta won to build.

Romney is also linked to corrupt ex-mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick. Peter Karmanos, a huge Romney supporter and family friend raised money for the embattled ex-mayor, giving Kwame a high paying job at a Karmanos owned business in Texas which handles electronic medical billing, a big home, private schools for Kwame’s children, a boob job for Kwame’s wife and the list goes on. It should be mentioned that G. Scott Romney, Mitt’s brother, serves on the board of Karmanos business and also Scott’s law firm acts as legal counsel to Karmanos.

The links to Kwame doesn’t stop with Karmanos. Debbie Schlussel on her blog during Romney’s 2008 wrote: “But another indictee, Derrick Miller, is the man whose indictment I’ve been waiting for because of his curious, close ties to Mitt Romney. In Michigan Romney campaign appearances and on Michigan’s Primary Election Night in 2008, Kwame’s right-hand man, Miller, was shown prominently on stage, celebrating with the rest of the candidate’s key supporters and family members.”

However, Romney’s advisors are not only riddled with ethical and corruption links. Others are linked to massacres, tortures and abuses.

Another Romney advisor of Mitt’s 2012 campaign has faced criticism for his ties to massacres. According a Mother Jones article, Romney’s top middle east advisor Walid Phares has a jaded and questionable past. In the Jones article title “ Adviser Tied to Militia That Massacred”. The article recounts Phares’s responsibility for brutal massacres during Lebanon’s fifteen year war. Romney's links to brutality do not end with Phares. Romney also has Cofer Black as a top advisor. Black is responsible to bringing in Mitchell and Jesssen into the CIA. Mitchell and Jessen are the two Mormon psychologist responsible for enhanced tortures. ( for more on Mitt Romney’s links to tortures see right side bar on this blog and click on “The Mitt Romney Torture Series”. )

During Mitt’s 2008 run for GOP presidential candidate Robert Lichfield one of Mitt's close adviors was exposed for his abuse of teen-agers in boot camps he ran. Maia Szalavitz wrote an article on Mitt’s links to tough love camps writing: “ The Hill reported “133 plaintiffs filed a civil suit against Romney’s Utah finance co-chair, Robert Lichfield, and his various business entities involved in residential treatment programs for adolescents. The umbrella group for his organization is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS, sometimes known as WWASP) and Lichfield is its founder and is on its board of directors.”

“The suit alleges that teens were locked in outdoor dog cages, exercised to exhaustion, deprived of food and sleep, exposed to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing or water, severely beaten, emotionally brutalized, and sexually abused and humiliated. Some were even made to eat their own vomit.”

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Who is Robert Gay, and why Romney shouldn't boast

Update: Mr. Meier has kindly commented in the comment section: “I was advisor to Howard Hughes for many years. I know the entire story on how Howard Hughes was destroyed by certain individuals. My family and I suffered for many years since 1970. You could view my site at, Regards. John Meier”.

Mr. Meier’s website is an interesting read. Thank you Mr. Meier for taking the time to comment and share your experience. The link to John H. Meier's site is located in the comments section by clicking on his name.

Robert Gay, a partner of Mitt Romney’s from Bain Capital, has an ad out for Mitt Romney regarding how Mitt stopped work at Bain Capital and had fellow Bain executives take the day off to go looking for Gay’s daughter, Melissa Gay, in New York. Melissa had skipped out on mom and dad and taken off to New York City to a rave party.

Bain Capital is a company formed by Mitt Romney.

Robert Gay is a fellow Mormon Church member. What is not being told in the ad, nor does the press tell, Robert Gay is the son of Frank William Gay, aka Bill Gay. Bill Gay, is better known for his role as Howard Hughes primary care-taker who controlled Howard Hughes and the Hughes Corporation. Bill Gay became the Vizier for Summa Corp., a Hughes corporation. Bill Gay was dubbed the head of the Mormon Mafia, the name given the six Mormon men who surrounded Howard Hughes and kept Hughes in isolation and out of public view. It has been claimed William Gay helped his son Robert take over four billion dollars illegally from Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the use of his company, Bain Capital, and derivatives contracts. .

Gay's control over Hughes was extensive. Howard Hughes: The Untold Story By Peter Harry Brown, Pat H. Broeske write, Dr. Wilbur Thain, Bill Gay’s brother-in-law, and a Mormon physician was the man who supplied Howard Hughes drugs the last two years of Hughes life. And Dr. Norman Crane” illegally supplied drugs to Howard Hughes for twenty years”. Crane testified against Thain when Crane was indicted by a Federal Grand.

Gay controlled Howard Hughes and Hughes companies during a turbulent time in American history, the time of the Pentagon Papers and Gemstone, the planned break-in of Hank Greenspun safe. Greenspun was the editor of the Las Vegas Sun and was said to have had incrementing documents on Hughes. Hughes was supplying the plane for whisking away of the men out of country after the break-in. This was all planned on Bill Gay’s watch.

Gay’s control over Hughes was lock and key, which no one could break.
“Some Hughes outside loyalists jokingly claimed the newly named SUMMA Corporation, which Bill Gay controlled, was a synonym for Southern Utah Mormon Missionary Association, others, Stall Until More Money Arrives.”

Now William Gay's son works for Mitt Romney. Does this make Mitt Romney Don Vito Corleone?

As a note, Romney has shown little concern for the children who were victims of childhood sexual abuse the Romney family covered up for decades in the Mormon Church, in regions the Romney family controlled. Children lives were destroyed as the Romney's covered-up their assaults. Mothers who rebelled against being silent about the sexual abuses done to their children, were threatened by Mormon leaders under the control of the Romney family that 'the church' would see they lost everything. Which meant the Romney's would see to it. Other parents, due to over loyalty to the church leadership stayed silent after being told by area leaders 'God's work would be hurt' if reports were made to the police.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romney and his Chinese Investments

The news buzzed this week with reports of Mitt Romney having investments in Romney's trust with Huawei, a Chinese company. The specific articles running were about Mitt making money off of Huawei. Huawei is involved in making spy cameras. Although some journalist are poo-dooing Romney’s investments, claiming Romney did not know what is in his blind trust; for some reason the New York Times and the Obama administration were able to learn. Romney has ownership in a company and profits Romney is making in helping China spy on dissidents in China, set off a bit of a buzz.

All Gov.( a website) reported, Romney is making money also spying on Americans. Bain purchased Uniview last year. “Uniview Technologies, a Chinese company owned by Bain, has provided surveillance cameras to the government for its Safe Cities program, which allows officials to monitor university campuses, hospitals, mosques and movie theaters.”

However -

Romney's connections to Huawei are not new. Republican Duncan Hunter, during the 2008 GOP run off for president, brings up Romney's China connection! Hunter further states Romney's China connection makes Romney unfit for office.

"The deal gave the Chinese company a minority stake in 3Com, an internet security company.”

“Hunter says that 3Com has contracts with the U.S. Dept. of Defense.”

And four years ago, posters were posting on the You Tube comment section below were shocked the media was not bringing up Romney’s links to Huawei. This was FOUR YEARS ago!!!

The True Mitt Romney; The Record on Taxes and Huawei

“The biggest thing to me is the Huawei/Bain partnership to take over 3Com. I cannot believe the national media is not reporting on this! Could it be that they are saving it to use against him in the general should he be the nominee?”

“According to Business Week, 3Com just scheduled a vote for 2/29 on the deal with Bain/Huawei. Huawei would own just under 16.5% of the new company, and would have the ability to appoint 3 board members. Romney would own the other 83.5%, and could appoint 8 of the 11 board members.” - Posted four years ago in the comments section of the You Tube above by DavidDLPE.

It is impossible for Romney to say he didn't know about his investments. Romney can always stipulate investments are not to be made with Chinese companies with his 'trust'.

Michigan Governor Rick Synder was hand picked by Mitt Romney. Synder also has business links in China. It is not a surprise.

Not to mention Romney's man, John Rakolta. John is a Romney family member and also co-national bundler to Romney's campaign, along with Mitt's brother Scott Romney. Rakolta, is tied to a Detroit "pay to play corruption probe", and gave money to Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, for trips into Asia through Edge Opportunity.

It is not only Michigan, Texas too got leaned on -

Rick Perry is the former Lt. Gov. of Texas under Bush. Is it any wonder why Perry didn't directly attack and was meek with Mitt during the early GOP debates for 2012? Bush along with Karl Rove are strong backers of Mitt Romney. Rove strongly urged John McCain to take Romney on as V.P. after McCain won the GOP nomination to run for President in 2008. The links between Romney and investments in China are decades long. The Romney's are not fessing up to their communist connections.

The Romney family, yes, this means you too Scott Romney, are hiding from the American public their strong links to both China and Russia, where their family has made millions and millions of dollars. How can Romney sit in the Oval Office when he and the Romney family members owe their wealth to foreign powers?

Why be worried about Romney having his hands on surveillance business with a foreign communist powers? Go to the right side bar of this blog and click on "Mitt Romney Terrorist Series" and read through the blog.

References to articles are found in the comments section.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ronna Stern Romney Backs Mitt Romney

In an interview with Ronna at her Florida home, Ronna gushes her support for her former brother-in-law Mitt Romney’s run for president. Ronna and her third husband Bruce Kulp are part time Florida residences. Ronna has hosted political fundraiser parties for Mitt in Florida, like one she hosted for Romney at the posh Sarasota Yacht Club.

Yes, Ronna now lives in Florida, but she hasn’t given up her Michigan roots. Ronna has a second home at 5323 Falkirk Court, Ypsilanti, Michigan where she lives part of the year. Ronna explains, even though she is divorced from Scott Romney, her husband of 25 years, Ronna continues to be best friends with Ann Romney. Ann is Mitt Romney wife.

G. Scott Romney is not to be out-done by Ronna's three marriages. Scott is also on his third marriage. Scott ended a nearly ten year marriage to his second wife Ellen Rogers. Ellen and Scott married hastily after finding out she was pregnant by him. There must have been some HOT weekend's between Scott and his second wife before they married! ;-)

Scott moved out of his Pilgrim Ave. home in Birmingham, Michigan he shared with Rogers, purchasing a home at 164 Kirkwood, Bloomfield Hills, when he filed for divorce from Rogers.

Ann and Mitt Romney are overseer's to Scott's and Ellen's childrens Goldman Sac's trust funds. It is all one big happy family in the Romney Clan. No doubt $$$$$$$$$$$ keeps them together.

Ronna’s sister, Terry STERN Raklota is married to John Rakolta. John co-chairs along with G. Scott Romney the position of National Financial Heads for Mitt Romney’s National GOP Campaign for President of the United States. John is caught up in the Pay to Play scandal under probe in Detroit.

Scott and Ronna’s daughter Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece to Mittens, attended Romney’s speech with Michigan's governor Synder in Farmington Hills along with McDaniel’s papa G. Scott Romney (video below). Like her Uncle Mitt, McDaniel attended Brigham Young University.

McDaniel lives in Northville, Michigan along with several other Romney relatives. The Northville Patch, an area newspaper, reported several of the Romney relatives live in Northville and their children attend the same school in the area with McDaniel’s children.

Northville is booming with Romney’s, and no doubt the Northville Mormon Church Ward is bulging with members of the Romney Clan. There are some mighty strange folks at the Northville Mormon Church ward. Strange folks indeed! Like my former husband Samuel J. Skousen and his current second wife, Janice Nielsen Skousen attends the same Mormon Church ward!!

Jan stated she was 'called' by the Mormon Church to work with people involved with substance abuse, however she has no qualifications to consul people facing such challenges, in this humble blogger opinion. From statements by Mr. Skousen, Jan rebelled from her Mormon roots and was a party girl before marrying her first husband right out of high school, whom Jan later divorced after having four children. Mr. Skousen said Jan was looking for a Mormon husband second time around after dumping her first husband, the son of a owner of a tool and die company that was going under. Jan got the house free and clear, all the goods in the home and lifetime alimony. Her first husband kept his portion of the business shared by his mom and dad and walked away from all marital assets giving Jan everything. Does this make someone qualified to be over people in the Mormon Church regarding substance abuse?

Jan, last year, threatened my younger son and demanded he was to remain "silence", or he would face further marginalization and ostracism. Warnings were sent by Jan though e-mails to other adult children of mine carrying the same message. Doesn't sound like someone I would choose to help people with the challenges of substance abuse, especially when so much cover-up is going on. What do you think Scott Romney?

Samuel J. Skousen, being the dutiful Mormon Church member in good standing with the Mormon Church, has refused to pay court ordered payments to his first wife (me). Sam has arrogantly brought up the Romney name in court along with his connections to high level Romney insiders - feeling it sanctions his refusal to ignore court order. Sam also put our home into foreclosure (again, against court order), making sure I would be left with no martial assets after Sam Skousen intentionally damaged my home to devalue the property, and after my refusal to sell Jan's relatives my home at a vastly reduced and devalued price. Is this the Christian thing to do? It obviously is the Mormon thing to do!

I get this feeling viewing Romney's speech with Gov. Synder, that Mitt Romney will be enjoying 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 at his beach front home he bought at 311 Dunenere Drive in La Jolla to remodel, and not in the White House. It might be fitting to ask Scott Romney, what do you think Scott?