Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Howard Hughes, John H. Meier, Mitt Romney, Bill Gay and Bain Capital

John H. Meier and I have had several communications since his initial comment on my blog piece on Robert Gay and Mitt Romney.  Link to post below –

Mr. Meier has recently been contacted by the Canadian Government informing him U.S. Officials have requested an interview with Mr. Meier regarding his knowledge of the Gay’s, Howard Hughes and Hughes Medical in regards to Bain Capital.

Robert Gay is the son of William Gay. William Gay was part of a coup that took control of the Hughes Corporation.  Robert’s uncle is, Dr. Wilbur Thain the brother-in-law of William Gay, one of Howard Hughes last physicians who kept Howard Hughes drugged the last years of Howard Hughes life. Thain was from Logan, Utah and brought in to supply drugs to Hughes, which he did until Hughes' death.  Thain was later indicted by a federal grand jury on federal drug conspiracy charges

Robert Gay is a former Bain Capital partner of Mitt Romney’s. It has been reported that the Gay’s stole billions of dollars from Hughes Medical and some of the stolen funds were pumped into Bain Capital in the form of derivatives.

I have appreciated the time Mr. Meier has spent in communication with me.  I understand my former husband, Samuel Skousen,  is sending out disparaging e-mails and making negative statements about me in an attempt to discredit.  This has been a difficult and painful journey for me, not only with the intense force used in attempts to discredit, but the abuses suffered as attempts were made to cover-up. Some people came into our lives feeling ‘victims’ was emblazed on us and took full advantage of our plight,  often adding further harassment, in their efforts to exploit our family’s  peril for themselves. Mr. Meier understands the type of harassment we have faced.  

                                             Photo of Howard Hughes

John H. Meier’s background courtesy of Wikipedia.

Meier has been an advisor to several U.S. Senators including Senators Hubert Humphrey and Robert F. Kennedy. He has acted as a consultant to President JoaquĆ­n Balaguer of the Dominican Republic and was a credentialed diplomat of Tonga.[citation needed]

He was a former Governor of the Bank of the South Pacific and has had managerial and executive positions with the New York Life Insurance Company, Remington Rand, Hughes Aircraft Company, Hughes Tool Company, and has served as Chairman of Satellite Geophysics Ltd.

Meier served on Nevada's gaming Industry Task Force, has been VP of the Nevada Taxpayers Association, and was a Special Assistant to Governor Paul Laxalt. He has also served as a Director for the International Eye Foundation, and was a member of the Board of Advisors for the New York Manhattan Tribune Newspaper.

He launched a motion picture production company, Meier-Murray Productions, with fellow Hughes consultant Thomas E. Murray, Jr.,[21] which produced two films in the early 1970s.[22]

Meier was a Member of the Child Welfare Advisory Committee (which Hughes and Governor Laxalt set up), a Member of the Impact Priority Committee, Member of the Las Vegas Council for American Society for Public Administration, Member of the Las Vegas Rotary International Rotary Club, Member-at-large of the Board of Directors for the Frontier Council Girl Scouts of America, Member of the League of Women Voters of the United States’ Men's Finance Advisory Committee, resided on the Board of Directors of the International Eye Foundation, Member of the American Industrial Development Council, was a Vice Chairman of the March of Dimes, and was on the Board of Directors of the California Educational Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the training of emotionally disturbed and brain-damaged children, whose President was Robert Sweeney and which the board of advisors included Andy Griffith, Jim Nabors, and Dick Van Dyke.

Meier was also Vice President of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.
A former American Legion Chaplain and U.S. Army Veteran of the Korean War, Mr. Meier has also served in the US Marine Corps Reserve.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney's Michigan Crime Family Exposed

Romney's Michigan Crime Family Exposed By Victim (Interview of Ms. McCord-Skousen)

by Jeenyus Corner Livein PoliticsThu, August 16, 2012 12:00AM

Jeenyus kindly up loaded the interview on to You Tube for easier listening. (above)
Or one can go to his radio show link located below -


 Conspiracy theory, or criminal syndicate?

“Conspiracy theory involving other sitting judges, prosecutors, prominate attorneys, prosecutors and even presidential candidates. “  - Gerald Edit, Referee Livingston County Friend of the Court.  

"I never saw." "I never read." "I did not read", Mr. Eidt denied, stammering over his words as he nervously attempted to deflect .  On, and on and on Eidt denied sounding  like someone testifying  in a corruption probe that did not want to be caught in a web of deception.

Threats from Jan Skousen, step-mother, to remain silent -

The abuses were exacerbated when the people who run the  Ex-Mormon forums and  board teamed up with active Mormons, some close friends with  Jan and Sam Skousen family,  harassed, throwing the” kitchen sink” in with name calling, defamation and  assisting in discrediting. All the while mocking and laughing about the abuses they felt justified in doing

Mitt Romney a scandal worse than Nixon

Richard Gilbert August 27, 2012 

Romney’s criminal syndicate frightens single mothers and their  children at the night time?  I think so.   Romney a serial criminal?  It feels to me  Romney’s entire family are.  

Romney’s criminal syndicate threatens Ron Paul delegates? So very typical Romney.
Newt Gingrich delegates, Santorum and Ron Paul delegates are involved in a lawsuit against Romney’s criminal syndicate and working on unbinding RNC delegates.

“Judge David Carter granted a motion to dismiss by the RNC in the "Lawyers for Ron Paul" lawsuit.
I contacted the attorney for the plaintiff's, Richard Gilbert, and he has kindly agreed to come on the show tonight to discuss what this means, and what the plan is in moving forward.”

Interview at Jeenyus Corner with Richard Gilbert on lawsuit and Romney's criminal actions at link below:


Attorney Richard Gilbert says Romney is a worst scandal than Watergate.
Will Romney flee to France?  Attorney Richard Gilbert thinks so…. and I do too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romney Campaign an Organized Crime Syndicate

Is Romney crime boss of a criminal syndicate?   Has Romney had people intimidated and threatened?  According to Attorney Richard Gilbert Romney’s people have done just that.   Richard Gilbert is representing a case brought by 400 Republican delegates against the RNC, in a case to unbind Republican delegates.

Broken bones?  Threats with guns? Intimidation?  Surrounded by Goons? Thief?  Violence?   Fraud?  Rape of democracy? Attacked from behind?  Harassment? Abuse?  Are these standard operating procedures of Romney?

"Never seen in this country before?"   I have seen it.  I have seen it in Livingston County, Michigan long before Romney ran for president. I have seen it within the Mormon Community, even from   people in the Ex-Mormon community joining in, and felt the levels of abuse they are willing to pour out onto another without  a thread of conscience, and both sharing equal relish in mocking victims.

Harassment, intimidation, mocking, break-ins, lies, mobbing, threats, abuse, corruption, I have seen it all and also felt the loss from the intense abuse inflicted.  Is Romney the crime boss of a criminal syndicate?  It feels that way.