Friday, December 23, 2011

Hypocrite Mitt Romney

"Mitt Romney: Vladimir Putin 'a threat to global peace"

"In an attempt to display his statesmanship potential, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wades into deep foreign policy waters discussing Iraq, North Korea and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin."

“There are still many friends among the Russians” Romney said. It is business as usual to the Romneys’. The Romney family has yet to own up to deep and long connections to high level former Soviets.

It is hard to fathom Romney criticizing Putin, since the Romney’s have had no objection to Oleg Ivanovich. Lobov is on the board at Kairos Development International and had ties to Aum Shinrikyo. Kairos International Development is a company the Romney’s are not fessing up to having long and deep connections.

Lobov was the Russian liaison to Aum Shinrikyo cult for the Serin attack on Japan, Russia supplying attack helicopters, small arms and deadly virus for a second wave attack on Japan planned after Japan suffered the subway serin attack. The statement by Mitt to The Telegraph reporter is among the most hypocritical statements given to the press to date.

Three-Quarters of the way through the You Tube below Alex Itkin, a Russian immigrant and President of Kairos Development International, is mentioned along with other issues involving the Romney family and their placement of Itkin in the Michigan GOP and elsewhere.

Mitt Romney's statement is nothing more than opportunistic grandstanding and trying to duck an issue the Romney family is yet to face.