Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Step by Step, Inch by Inch

Is a scandal about to break on Romney Corruption?

Mitt Romney’s long time, kind of in-law, John Rakolta* is entangled in the mind-boggling corruption beginning to surface in Detroit. This newspaper banner caught my eye.

“Severance-gate: Following Turkia Mullin's money leads to John Rakolta and other county contractors” by By Jeff T. Wattrick at

“As more is revealed about former Wayne County economic development director Turkia Mullin's compensation arrangement, the more I'm reminded of " All The President's Men ." Not just for the obvious reasons, but also for the scene in which Robert Redford's Bob Woodward explains what he and Bernstein uncovered about Don Segretti's dirty tricks”

In 2004 Turkia Mullin supports Ed McNamara's in his race for President of the United States and gives Democratic McNamara $500. Mullin in 2008 switches party from Democratic and gives Republican Mitt Romney $2,500. What’s going on Romneys? What's going on Mitt? What's going on Scott?

Not only that, did Turkia former hubby feel Mullin has been having an affair with John Rakolta? Rakolta is building the new jail in Wayne County. Mullin and John Rakolta were kind of co-bosses on the project, before Mullin went on to Detroit Metro Airport.

Rakolta is, as he always has been, a heavy backer of Mitt Romney – Oh, yes and they are also all great friends with DAVID T. FISCHER. It is one happy family in Detroit with the Romney mover and shakers pulling strings behind the scenes.

On Jun 9, 2011 Lauren Rakolta joined Mitt Romney's campaign as finance director in the state. The daughter of John Rakolta is head of Detroit-based construction firm linked to Detroit corruption. Lauren has also been the head of the Oakland County, Michigan GOP.

“Dirty Tricks”? A Romney specialty. Romney corruption would make Nixon’s eyes curl.

Is Scott Romney beginning to feel uncomfortable? Silly man, he should.

FBI Investigation Has Agents Seeking Records in Wayne County Offices:

"If Detroit is the heart of corruption, Livingston County is its pacemaker" - Ms. McCord- Skousen

FOX 2's Charlie LeDuff Digs into Turkia Mullin's Past:

The real-estate deal that went down in Macomb County sounds a lot like the real-estate deal attempted in Livingston County between Judge Suzanne Geddis, Gary McCririe who is Geddis brother in law, Ed Literski, David Morris, Richard Trost and a few others -- on a home in Brighton. The Livingston County grape-vine said someone in the 'county wanted the Skousen home", but didn't want to pay the value price... who is that someone?

Is Romney involved in abuse of Mother and her children? Read next blog piece located directly below for more on Romney corruption with two new updates added.