Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mitt Romney a scandal worse than Nixon

Richard Gilbert August 27, 2012 

Romney’s criminal syndicate frightens single mothers and their  children at the night time?  I think so.   Romney a serial criminal?  It feels to me  Romney’s entire family are.  

Romney’s criminal syndicate threatens Ron Paul delegates? So very typical Romney.
Newt Gingrich delegates, Santorum and Ron Paul delegates are involved in a lawsuit against Romney’s criminal syndicate and working on unbinding RNC delegates.

“Judge David Carter granted a motion to dismiss by the RNC in the "Lawyers for Ron Paul" lawsuit.
I contacted the attorney for the plaintiff's, Richard Gilbert, and he has kindly agreed to come on the show tonight to discuss what this means, and what the plan is in moving forward.”

Interview at Jeenyus Corner with Richard Gilbert on lawsuit and Romney's criminal actions at link below:

Attorney Richard Gilbert says Romney is a worst scandal than Watergate.
Will Romney flee to France?  Attorney Richard Gilbert thinks so…. and I do too.

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