Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney's Michigan Crime Family Exposed

Romney's Michigan Crime Family Exposed By Victim (Interview of Ms. McCord-Skousen)

by Jeenyus Corner Livein PoliticsThu, August 16, 2012 12:00AM

Jeenyus kindly up loaded the interview on to You Tube for easier listening. (above)
Or one can go to his radio show link located below -

 Conspiracy theory, or criminal syndicate?

“Conspiracy theory involving other sitting judges, prosecutors, prominate attorneys, prosecutors and even presidential candidates. “  - Gerald Edit, Referee Livingston County Friend of the Court.  

"I never saw." "I never read." "I did not read", Mr. Eidt denied, stammering over his words as he nervously attempted to deflect .  On, and on and on Eidt denied sounding  like someone testifying  in a corruption probe that did not want to be caught in a web of deception.

Threats from Jan Skousen, step-mother, to remain silent -

The abuses were exacerbated when the people who run the  Ex-Mormon forums and  board teamed up with active Mormons, some close friends with  Jan and Sam Skousen family,  harassed, throwing the” kitchen sink” in with name calling, defamation and  assisting in discrediting. All the while mocking and laughing about the abuses they felt justified in doing

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