Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romney and his Chinese Investments

The news buzzed this week with reports of Mitt Romney having investments in Romney's trust with Huawei, a Chinese company. The specific articles running were about Mitt making money off of Huawei. Huawei is involved in making spy cameras. Although some journalist are poo-dooing Romney’s investments, claiming Romney did not know what is in his blind trust; for some reason the New York Times and the Obama administration were able to learn. Romney has ownership in a company and profits Romney is making in helping China spy on dissidents in China, set off a bit of a buzz.

All Gov.( a website) reported, Romney is making money also spying on Americans. Bain purchased Uniview last year. “Uniview Technologies, a Chinese company owned by Bain, has provided surveillance cameras to the government for its Safe Cities program, which allows officials to monitor university campuses, hospitals, mosques and movie theaters.”

However -

Romney's connections to Huawei are not new. Republican Duncan Hunter, during the 2008 GOP run off for president, brings up Romney's China connection! Hunter further states Romney's China connection makes Romney unfit for office.

"The deal gave the Chinese company a minority stake in 3Com, an internet security company.”

“Hunter says that 3Com has contracts with the U.S. Dept. of Defense.”

And four years ago, posters were posting on the You Tube comment section below were shocked the media was not bringing up Romney’s links to Huawei. This was FOUR YEARS ago!!!

The True Mitt Romney; The Record on Taxes and Huawei

“The biggest thing to me is the Huawei/Bain partnership to take over 3Com. I cannot believe the national media is not reporting on this! Could it be that they are saving it to use against him in the general should he be the nominee?”

“According to Business Week, 3Com just scheduled a vote for 2/29 on the deal with Bain/Huawei. Huawei would own just under 16.5% of the new company, and would have the ability to appoint 3 board members. Romney would own the other 83.5%, and could appoint 8 of the 11 board members.” - Posted four years ago in the comments section of the You Tube above by DavidDLPE.

It is impossible for Romney to say he didn't know about his investments. Romney can always stipulate investments are not to be made with Chinese companies with his 'trust'.

Michigan Governor Rick Synder was hand picked by Mitt Romney. Synder also has business links in China. It is not a surprise.

Not to mention Romney's man, John Rakolta. John is a Romney family member and also co-national bundler to Romney's campaign, along with Mitt's brother Scott Romney. Rakolta, is tied to a Detroit "pay to play corruption probe", and gave money to Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, for trips into Asia through Edge Opportunity.

It is not only Michigan, Texas too got leaned on -

Rick Perry is the former Lt. Gov. of Texas under Bush. Is it any wonder why Perry didn't directly attack and was meek with Mitt during the early GOP debates for 2012? Bush along with Karl Rove are strong backers of Mitt Romney. Rove strongly urged John McCain to take Romney on as V.P. after McCain won the GOP nomination to run for President in 2008. The links between Romney and investments in China are decades long. The Romney's are not fessing up to their communist connections.

The Romney family, yes, this means you too Scott Romney, are hiding from the American public their strong links to both China and Russia, where their family has made millions and millions of dollars. How can Romney sit in the Oval Office when he and the Romney family members owe their wealth to foreign powers?

Why be worried about Romney having his hands on surveillance business with a foreign communist powers? Go to the right side bar of this blog and click on "Mitt Romney Terrorist Series" and read through the blog.

References to articles are found in the comments section.



    CBS on 60 Minutes did a segment on Huawei, the link is above.
    It is hypocritical of Mike Rogers give an interviewed on his issue. Congressman Mike Rogers the corrupt Brighton Michigan Republican and Romney water-carrier is on CBS 60 minutes talking about Huawei Chinese Company Romney has a big interest in. Mike is going to lie through his teeth protecting himself and his leader Mitt Romney. Romney has interest in Huawei.
    Romney business interest was stealing American information. Is this a shock?

  3. If Mitt Romney becomes President he will destroy this country and hand it over to the Chinese. That is his long term gameplan, and its so unbelievably obvious if you pay ANY attention at all to his business dealings. Even his biggest donator/benefactor, Sheldon Adelson, has been caught doing billions of dollars of business with the Communist Chinese mafia and Iranian arms dealers. Romney plots the destruction of America so the Mormon Church can take over the ashes.