Tuesday, February 7, 2012

U of M

Poster James Otto brings up Romney on the February 7, 2012 Channel Seven News Report

James Otto
"this is like dr smith the kennedy kid, when he said HOW CAN YOU DEFEND YOURSELF OF THE ACCUSATION OF RAPE? porn can be placed on computer like drugs in cars... like the romney joke as shown in the news.. he rented a cop uniform and had person place open beer etc in the truck of a friends car and he fake cop him with a pull over.. then harassed him with the open beer found etc... romney joke at cranbrook an a serious crime. yet two peds doctors in last few months busted in porno scam in ann arbor...It is there, but how do you stop it if the doctor has rights like SMITH... if your rich you beat it and if not rich your a registered sex offender... have lie detectors tests of all peds residents. or call them emperor tiberius..."

The cover-up of child sexual abuse is never a joke, nor sexual abuse against women. Child sexual abuse within the Mormon Church has been covered-up for decades; even in the Michigan Mormon Bloomfield Hills Stake. As well as, through-out Michigan in areas where the Romney family has dominated.

The Romney's have invested in porn, so maybe to them it is a joke.

"Shhh, don't tell you will hurt Gods work" quote from a Michigan Mormon Church authority.

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