Wednesday, May 2, 2012

$1,000.00 blouse for Ann Romney

Yes, Ann Romney is your typical every day mom. Every stay- at- home mom had a home valued, in today’s dollars at $400,000.00 while hubby was attending college, vacations, and cool clothes. We all knew the sacrifice of dipping into our sacred trust-funds to pay for such basic necessities as cash strapped married college students. After all that IS paying ones way through college. No slumming with the students with brick and lumber books cases, and broken second hand sofa’s, or married students trying to figure out where their next meal of mac and cheese would come from.

But Ann! That blouse!

One has to question Ann’s tastes in blouses! Is that a snake curling its body around Ann’s bosom? A fish? Or maybe a turtle? I can’t tell. As a stay- at- home mom there is no way in blazes I would buy a thousand dollar blouse especially one that ugly. Heaven forbid what Ann would do to the White House!

As a stay-at-home mom, who raised five children, I can empathize with Ann’s eternal sacrifices. Well, actually I cannot. I have stated myself Ann never worked a lick in her life. And I will stand by my view. As a woman who suffered through the Romney’s wives talks during Relief Society meetings in the Mormon Church, as they spoke about their dishwashers and conveniences that make their housework light and how lucky us stay-at –home mom’s lives were in this modern age. I would look down at my hands red from washing dishes.

I didn’t have a dishwasher like other Mormon women in the room,and I was tried from a day of washing,ironing clothes and wishing for a complete nights sleep, like other Mormon women were in the room. A dishwasher!, I thought. Dishwashers and even air conditioners were a luxury for many of us. At times I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at how removed the Romney women’s talks were at church, as I glanced over at other Mormon women who faced daily burdens without all the 'assistance' the Romney women had. How far removed from other-stay moms lives the Romney women were.

Ann Romney’s Stay at home mom The $1000.00 blouse must have been a birthday gift Ann gave to herself.

The Romney’s with their wealth and privilege - privilege they have seized by the ill use of others, have no concept of others circumstances or empathy for women outside their immediate circle.


  1. $1000 blouse? Did you ever check out the price Mrs.Obama's blouse ? (And) That's being paid for by gov.$

  2. OMG I wouldn't wear that to visit Michael Vick the notorious ANIMAL ABUSER, oh I guess they are in the same family since Romney strapped his poor dog to the roof of his car for a 12 hr trip. Imagine the terror that poor dog went thru!!!Who could do such a montrous thing??