Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mitt retroactively retired from Bain

Mitt has demanded an apology from Obama. Mitt earlier demanded a retraction from Washington Post … even if Romney said himself he believes in ‘No Apology”.   Mitt must have adapted the slogan, “Love means you never have to say you’re sorry from “Love Story” back in Mitt’s youngest hay-day.   Of course, I am not sure how long love can last without there ever being an apology.  The Romney family however, has steadfastly stood behind this motto of no apology, well… even since before “Love Story” and NEVER believed in an apology, acknowledging a wrong-doing, or letting a victim of theirs off the hook.  No, there is never any mercy shown by the Romney’s, it is always total destruction.

Romney spins, and back-pedaling are now taking on new heights, this one having to do with Mitt’s SEC filings and the date Romney claimed he left Bain Capital for the blue skies of Utah and corruption in the Salt Lake City Olympics.  If one remembers, there were a lot of lies told and underhanded dealings that brought about a corruption probe into the Mormon Salt Lake City Olympics.   I say Mormon, because the Mormon Church had its hands in the corruption hot and heavy, with scholarship to Mormon Church owned Brigham Young University and insurance policies to Mormon Church owned insurance companies.

Mitt was brought in by Gordon B. Hinckley, a Mormon General Church authority in Salt Lake City.   Mitt Romney’s sister was married to Hinckley’s nephew – nothing like family connections getting one appointed to a position.

Today Mitt’s apologist stated regarding the discrepancy of the date Mitt claimed he left Bain and a recently surfaced SEC filing -

“He (Romney) took a leave of absence and, in fact, Candy, he ended up not going back at all and retired retroactively to February of 1999 as a result,” Gillespie said.

“The timing of Romney’s departure from Bain has emerged as an issue for the former Massachusetts governor because he says he had no involvement in the private-equity firm’s investments after he left in 1999. The Obama campaign has hammered Romney in ads over layoffs that took place after 1999 at companies controlled by Bain.”

Retroactively retired?  What is that?

Mitt’s filing with the SEC in 2001 ------
Mitt Romney is listed as sole shareholder, sole director, Chief Executive Officer and
President of Bain Investors VI and thus is the controlling person of Bain Investors VI.  The executive officers of Bain Investors VI are set forth on Schedule A hereto.
Dated: February 20, 2001
Listed on both schedule A & B
Name/Title                  Business Address             Principal Occupation
----------                  ----------------             --------------------
W. Mitt Romney,             Two Copley Place             Managing Director of
Chief Executive Officer,    Boston, MA 02116             Bain Capital, Inc.
President and Managing
 Carter Eskew wrote in an article regarding Romney sifts:
“This is the pattern with Romney: seismic shifts in his political core — on abortion, global warming, health care. But Romney's moral flexibility extends to other aspects of his life.  A current Vanity Fair article contains a small, but meaningful anecdote about Romney’s days at Bain, where he advised a first-year employee to obtain information about the firm's competitors by lying.”

It is obvious Mitt has taken the advice of his long time mentor Gordon B.  Hinckley when Hinckley responded in an interview on 60 minutes regarding blacks not being able to become priests in the Mormon Church, “don’t worry about those little fits of history.”  When if one repeats a lie enough they can always hope people will begin to believe the lie.  Soon Mitt will be saying “You presume to criticize the great Oz?   –  Keep hoping Romney.    And we are not done yet with the reasons behind the Mother’s Day protest outside the Mormon Church Northville Ward either. 

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