Monday, December 3, 2012

Facebook Request

Dale Brewer sent me a friend request on Facebook on Nov. 28, 2012.  My Facebook page is marked private and only friends can view.

Dale states he Works at DAB Property Consulting, LLC - Broker and Studied at Adrian College . He Lives in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and is the Whitmore Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Director 

I wondered who Dale had made political contributions to and checked.

Dale Brewer (Dab Property Consulting/Realtor), (Zip code: 48189) $200 to ROGERS FOR CONGRESS on 05/19/03
Dale Brewer (Dab Property Consulting/Realtor), (Zip code: 48189) $200 to ROGERS FOR CONGRESS on 09/24/04
Mr. Dale Brewer (Dab Property Consulting/Realtor), (Zip code: 48189) $300 to ROGERS FOR CONGRESS on 09/13/05

I checked to see who some of Dale’s Facebook page friends were.   What names popped up?  None other than….

Bill Rogers

 Bill serves in the 42nd District State Representative and is the brother of Mike Rogers Congressman from Brighton, Michigan.  Rogers backed Mitt Romney in 2008 as well as 2012

Bob Bezotte 

 A graduate of the Graduate of the Washtenaw County Police.  Bob is correctly the Livingston County, Michigan Sheriff  “In announcing his endorsement, Sheriff Bezotte said, "Livingston County citizens need a President with Governor Romney's leadership abilities and deep understanding of what it takes to get our economy back on track. A strong economy is essential for safe and vibrant communities. Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values to change Washington and rejuvenate our state's economy."

 Bob’s deputies  have me mobbed after the conclusion of court sessions in Livingston County,  shadowing me down the hallways to the exit after court hearings , or encircling me blocking the exit.

Joe Hune 

State Representative Joe Hune (R). Brighton, Michigan also a Romney supporter I didn't answer the door to my home when Joe stopped by, but he left an autograph on flier.  There were only 8 homes on my street and spaced as far as 18 acres away from each other in some areas.  Most all folks were strong republicans, hardly worth someone’s time stopping by our street.

Buddy Moorehouse 

Moorehouse is a former Editor of the Brighton Argus and Press.  Buddy and the Argus editors relentlessly defamed me.  Buddy continued the attack for years in the county newspaper, his articles added to harassment. 

Maria Tolot Stuart 
  Maria is a former editor of the Brighton Argus and Press I spoke with Maria  about Moorhouse’s articles requesting   Buddy’s  attacks to stop.

Tom Tolen  

 Tom is a Reporter/air personality at WHMI Radio    Tom is a tool of the Livingston County Prosecutors .

Brighton High School 

Brighton High School is a school that can give a parent nightmares

Deborah Drick

 Is from Howell, Michigan , wife of Jay Drick. Debi is  a former member of Howell School Board. Debi Drick faced a recall along with Jeannie Pratt and Edwin Literski from their positions on the Howell Board of Education under claims they  were  " not acting in the best interest of the community"  and "violated the public trust". Debi no longer serves on the Howell School Board. 

Debi  raved about  Ann Romney's speech on her facebook page.

 Debi Drick  left a comment in the comment section.  Debi did not say who she voted for; however, I hope changes made on the blog now reflects her character, per her complaint in the comment section.

Ed Literski's wife  works  for the Livingston County School system at county  district offices and is well-known in the county school system. Ed was accused of conflict of interest due to his wife's position with the school system.  Ed built a home next door to Judge Del Vero. Ed has been an attorney in Livingston County for decades.

I wonder what the Drick's think of cover-up of child sexual abuse?  I already know what Edwin Literski thinks.

Jay Drick

Attorney at Law Jay R. Drick in Howell,  Livingston County, Michigan and long time member of the Livingston County Bar Association. 

Jay Drick also has served as Livingston County Commissioner.  Jay Drick was picked to become the next Livingston County District Court magistrate.  Jay Drick  belongs to a Masonic lodge in Livingston County.

Stanley Laterille

Stanley is a former Livingston County judge with a sorted  reputation -

 Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Formal Complaint no.75, regarding Judges in the Livingston County Michigan Court system.

“Judge Del Vero, of the county court, had a complaint filed for sexual harassment, settled out of court and the Judicial Tenure Commission filed a complaint against Del Vero. Below is a portion of the complaint filed.”

“12. "In approximately the later 1990"s, Respondent stated or speculated that 44th Circuit Court Administrator Bucilla Carroll obtained her position because she slept with the Hon. Stanley Laterille of that court. He did so on more than one occasion."

“13. Prior to 1999, Respondent stated or speculated the 44th Circuit Court Friend of the Court Melissa Scharrer got her job by sleeping with the Hon. Stanley Laterille of that court.”

I wonder who the old, short guy behind the wheel of a pick-up truck was that parked in front of me at Meijer’s just seconds before another car pulled in next to me and out jumped a female court clerk and jumped into the man’s pick-up truck and left?    I have often pondered this question.

( additional reading -Is Romney in the background stacking the deck? David T. Fischer appointed to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, blog link below

Sue Aeschliman   -

Self-employed at Sue Aeschliman Realty/Professional Musician. Sue called me a few years ago. It is interesting Sue Aeschliman was one of the few to comment on Dale’s Facebook page.    Sue’s relative served in the Howell Mormon Ward Bishopric when there were several cases of sexual abuse of children and women.   Are Sue’s family and friends views like that Cardinal Laws of Boston Archdiocese? 

Another interesting ‘friend’ of Dale’s on his Facebook page is -

Allen Fililp

"Allan Filip is the past chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party; said Romney "outperformed the state in Livingston County, but most would expect he would do well here. There is a lot of fondness for his family here in Livingston County," he said. The candidate's parents, former Gov. George Romney and Lenore Romney, are buried in a Brighton cemetery."

"He also made a big outreach to people in this county" by visiting the area and assigning "a full-time staff person" to handle his campaign locally."

"In 2008 Livingston County, Mich., a fast-growing exurban county near Detroit, Romney won a straw poll of GOP activists, according to Michigan Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis. .

"He told reporters that Romney had won 25 percent of the vote, McCain 18 percent, and Allen 17.5 percent. He estimated that about 400 people had taken part in the Michigan straw poll."

"Romney’s father served as governor of Michigan in the 1960s."

It is time Livingston County gets cleaned up.  The county elite have harassed, abused, mobbed and defrauded for years, coupled with active and former members of the Mormon Church in Michigan, and  Recovery from Mormonism  administrators who added to the abuses knowing the damage they were inflecting. 

    It is well past time it stops.  Dale Brewer your friend  request is declined.

Congressman Mike Rogers, Brighton, Michigan  should not be considered for any positions in intelligence and should be removed from The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  The manipulations and abuses done are inexcusable.   


  1. Wow...scary stuff. Or at least it would be if it were factual.
    1. I have never said I like Ann Romney. In fact I have said I have never been impressed with her but I liked somethong she said once.
    2. I have been off the school board for more than 2 years and thus was not involved with any cover up of a child molester.
    3. I served on the school board with Ed Literski. I have never been to his home nor he mine. I have never met his wife or children nor has he met my kids. I have spoken to him one time since leaving the school board...we ran in to each other in a store and we said hello. I will leave it to you to determine just how good of friends that makes us.
    4. There is no Judge Brown. Only Magistrate Brown.

    There are so many errors in your portrayal of me that I have to believe that you are wrong about most of your posts. This leaves very little credibility in your entire blog.

    It is unfortinate for you that you live in such a tiny bubble. The benefit of a small community is the diversity in beliefs and opinions. What an opportunity we have to learn!! However if you lock yourself into a tiny world where only people who think like you are allowed then you never grow from their experience nor they from yours. And that my friend (but not Facebook friend) is a sad way to exist.

    1. It is now 2016....and nothing has changed in this town. Never will. I view most of these people like Thugs in a suit. Good Luck in life S.A. They may tell you it is a sad way to exist. They just want to see you down and out. No Doubt...there is an "Atta boys" club in our counties and many others'

  2. Howell Board of Education recall, Michigan, 2010 - Ballotpedia,_Michigan,_2...Jan 13, 2012 – An effort to recall Jeannine Pratt, Debi Drick and Edwin Literski from their positions on the Howell Board of Education began in June 2009 but ...
    School board trustee Wendy Day said that she supports the recall petition against all three targeted members because she said she does not believe the board members have acted in the best interest of the children.[2]

    The filed petition, written by district parent Deborah McCormick, states that the three board members:[4]
    "did not act in the best interest of the community" when they voted in favor of terminating the district superintendent without the input of public comments on the issue
    "violated the public trust" when they approved an agenda that did not denote their intention to fire the superintendent

  3. It should be mentioned Ed Literski’s wife works for Livingston County school system. Literski fell under criticism by some feeling Ed had a conflict if interest.


  4. You found by blog! I wondered how long it would be before someone from the county would mosey back to my blog, since I did not respond to the Argus’s recent article – at least not yet, and response to your comment is not my response yet to the Argus’s recent article.
    David Morse is a habitual liar and failed to tell that I did have counselors prior to ANY charges brought against me. Charges based on a false police report written by Paul Rambo and taken by Susan Geddis as a special favor and prosecuted. I had domestic violence women as counselors prior (a year and a half prior to any charges!!), during the time I was under charges, during the trial and after my trial! Morse has consistently lied. My counselors stated NO ABUSE BY ME. The courts knew and LIED.

    Notice the word PRIOR. Morse has lied and knowingly defamed me. Did the Argus article give you the courage to come spout your nonsense? The Argus has knowingly printed false statements for a decade.

    I don’t live in a tiny bubble. My facts on the cover-up I stand by and I am documented. There is little benefit to the small community of Livingston, leaders march in lock step. The counties negative reputation is well –known for decades to many people outside of Livingston. County insiders are a tightly controlled group and corrupt group.

    I will be working to remove David T. Fischer from the Judicial Tenure Commission, if it takes the Pandora’s Box to open to accomplish this, so be it! If David’s brother, Richard, who lives in Brighton gets upset so be it also – . Livingston County has a crooked legal, judicial and community leaders.

    Livingston County is a small puddle on the map of the world and the world does not revolve around Livingston County. The county cannot control covering- up the corruption its leaders have been involved in.
    By the way did you vote for Mitt?
    Livingston County is not like Sandy Hook, or Columbine, it is like Steubenville, Ohio.

    1. of 2015...This court, in particularly Judge Suzanne Geddes, along with her husband....Still LIE.....this will NEVER CHANGE. This also includes many of the lawyers around town.She should be removed from her position.

    2. I agree. Judge L. Suzanne Geddes needs to go. Along with her band of groupies....

  5. The first sentence in my last comment should read: You found MY blog! I wondered how long it would be before someone from the county would mosey back to my blog.

    The second several sentences are in regards to former Prosecutor David Morse. Morse has been a habitual liar and planted false statements in the Livingston Daily Press and Argus for years. Morse breached professional ethical conduct by continuing his false statements.

    Morse has covered for Suzanne Geddis. Geddis took a false police report as a special favor and prosecuted.

    More details of prosecutor overreach, intimidation, violations of civil rights and out and out lies told by the Livingston County, Michigan prosecutors office will be covered in a book I am writing. Also covered will be corruption in Michigan, Livingston County, sanctioned abuse in the Michigan Mormon community and church.

    This should clear-up any confusion