Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Sen. Bob Bennett was thrown out of office Saturday"- Romney Was Of No Help

BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney failed to bolster Senator Robert Bennett. Romney felted he was widely popular in Utah and his support would drive home a win at the Utah State GOP Convention. Early reports today stated Romney was not well liked by many of the Utah delegates and there was a strong possibility of Bennett’s defeat.

Romney’s lack of influence at Utah’s GOP may foretell future decline of political influence for Mitt Romney. After all if Mitt lacks influence in Utah of all places, it was felt a loss in Utah for Mitt, may signal a decline in Mitt’s national influence.

“SALT LAKE CITY – Republican Sen. Bob Bennett was thrown out of office Saturday by delegates at the Utah GOP convention in what represents a stunning defeat for a once-popular three-term incumbent who fell victim to a growing conservative movement nationwide.

Bennett's failure to make it into Utah's GOP primary — let alone win his party's nomination — makes him the first congressional incumbent to be ousted this year and demonstrates the difficult challenges candidates are facing from the right in 2010.”

This is a horrendous defeat for Romney.

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  2. He cries when he loses. The pain they put other peoples lives through when in power, he thinks nothing of-- it is a game to him. Yet, he cries when he loses. What people these are.

  3. “former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was almost a non-factor in the race. Romney fading a bit, even in Utah.”

    Gotta hurt, Romney a non-factor --- ego wounding.

  4. Delegates waved yellow flags, hugged each other and shouted "he's gone, he's gone". --Vicious. :0)

    Sounds like in Oz when they all cried, “The wicked witch is dead”.

    In Utah of all places!