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Romney Has A Terrorist Problem –

Steve Hindi, and his video streaming, super duper terrorist van, wasn’t the only “terrorist” Romney has been up against. Romney had another terrorist alert a few years after Hindi the rodeo hating “terrorist”. I was watching the evening news while enjoying a cup of hot coffee, with my handy-dandy channel switcher sitting on the table by my side, when a news piece came on reporting Al-quida aligned Chinese Nationals were heading to Boston. I spilt my coffee… and burst into laughter! Thinking, “Who in the heck, is going to believe that!” “Mittens sure does come up with some good ones!” –

The news reported on two fearsome National Chinese men and two fearsome National Chinese women aligned with Al-quida were going to terrorize the good people of Boston. It can’t be, I said. Chinese Nationals wouldn’t align with Al-quida and attack America, and they would go after China. Muslims from China hate their government and America isn’t a concern to them. I wondered if the good people of America were going to realize they were being played.

If one cannot control people through their desires, one can control them through their fears --- (shame on, Mittens)

NYTs, “said in a statement that the authorities had received a tip that was "uncorroborated and of unknown reliability" about such a plot. They released the names and photographs of two Chinese men and two Chinese women whom they were looking to bring in for questioning.”

“The authorities were informed about the four in a tip from a single anonymous source, said Mayor Thomas M. Menino. The tip, apparently received by federal officials in California, suggested that the four might have entered the United Sates recently from Mexico.”

"Gov. Mitt Romney said Wednesday evening that the four were believed to have been "dropped off" in New York and that they might have been heading to Boston but that none of them were believed to be in Massachusetts as of Wednesday evening."

“Local news coverage of the reported threats prompted Mr. Romney, who was in Washington to attend the inauguration of President Bush on Thursday, to return to Massachusetts on Wednesday night. He said he wanted "to assure people that it's safe to be in Boston."

“…typical of the kind of fragmentary and unsubstantiated information that federal authorities routinely check out, but rarely find significant.”

Romney tries to become a savior returning to Boston from Washington D.C. “to assure people”… –

There was terror going on in Boston, but not by Chinese Nationals. In this writer’s opinion, it is based on another event which began to unfold in December, prior to the January announced ‘terror alert’. Boston was under siege by the bulging cases of pedophilia in the Catholic Church was stealing newspaper headlines and leaving parishes vacant of parishioners. The Catholic Church was learning both the public and financial cost of child sexual abuse cover-up.

Inside the LDS Ward in Mathuen, Mass. in December prior to the ‘terror’ alert, members of the LDS Church were told not to cooperate with local law enforcement by LDS church authorities. The lay Mormon Church leadership was uncooperative with police investigators. Whispers circulated in the LDS community in other states, of child sexual assault "The Church" was attempting to keep the lid on, by pressuring its membership into silence.

By mid-January, news began to leak out of child sexual abuse in the Boston Mormon Church. Within ten to eleven days of the child sexual abuse story starting to break in Boston – the story not yet reaching national news; an “uncorroborated and of unknown reliability tip” came in from an anonymous source in California, of a potential “terrorist” assault on Boston, Mass., triggering national media attention and sweeping the child sexual abuse case off the pages of the press.

People with connections in the LDS community began commenting among themselves in late December, that Mitt’s phone lines between Boston and SLC must burning 24/7. It is well known in LDS circles the influence of the Mormon Church headquarters on members in political leadership. The lay ministry in Boston who were pressuring members not to cooperate and were themselves uncooperative, have other full-time positions in the secular world.

Even Harry Reid mentions “I was in SLC doing some church work.” –

The problem with the LDS Church lay ministry is the line between church and state can be impossible to distinguish and crosses over, as in the story below:

Jeff Foli, a Mayor in Missouri was excommunicated when he failed to follow SLC directives.

Jeff Foli was Mayor of Chillicothe Missouri; he was threatened with excommunication if I did not follow Mormon orders in regards to a political matter. It is supposedly against Fereral Law (Title 26, Section 501) for a church to influence, or manipulate the political process, but in 2003, the late Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and Thomas S. Monson thought it appropriate and acceptable to threaten membership in the church when Jeff was Mayor of Chillicothe in Northwest Missouri, regarding a political matter.”

“On Feb. 17, 2007, the Church held a disciplinary Council (church court) because the public was made aware of these acts via the internet, and charges were filed with the local Sheriff, the ACLU, the IRS, and others because of the continual manipulation and abuse of Mormon leaders in Chillicothe.”

---There are a number of people who have been accused of ‘terrorism’, when either disagreeing with Mitt, or when there was an issue within the Boston Mormon church, which is leading one to wonder exactly who the real terrorist is -

(Mitt Romney served as Bishop and Stake President in the Mormon Church in Mass for approx. nine years)
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