Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Romney BUDDY Congressman Mike Rogers a Wiretapping Expert?

Judge Vaughn R. Walker ruled in March, the government has violated a 1978 federal stature requiring court approval for domestic surveillance. “Under the program, the National Security Agency monitored Americans’ international e-mail messages and phone calls without court approval, even though the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, required warrants.”

FISA warrants? Aren’t they the warrants Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan voted to remove?

Rogers on his website boast about his role in the development of wiretaps, some of which are now found illegal by a U.S. Courts of Law. To quote Rogers: “In Congress, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Mike’s expertise was sought out during development of the USA PATRIOT Act, which gives law enforcement the tools necessary for tracking terrorists with today’s technology. Mike’s expertise proved invaluable in understanding how wiretaps are obtained and used, the complex checks and balances that prevent abuse of wire taps, and why the rules based on 1970s technology were no longer applicable in the day of cell phones and the Internet.

Mike voted:

..... YES on removing need for FISA warrant for wiretapping

“The ruling delivered a blow to the Bush administration’s claims that its surveillance program, which Mr. Bush secretly authorized shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was lawful. Under the program, the National Security Agency monitored Americans’ international e-mail messages and phone calls without court approval, even though the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, required warrants.”

Not good news for Congressman Mike Rogers’s judgment, understanding, or expertise on wiretapping.

Guess, the 1970’s federal program is applicable in today’s world.

Rogers is from Livingston County, Michigan, a county whose GOP leadership has been in an endless love affair with Mitt since the start of his last failed presidential run. Romney won the Saturday, March. 11, 2006 "straw vote in Livingston County, Mich., a fast-growing exurban county near Detroit, Romney won a straw poll of GOP activists, according to Michigan Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis who was in Memphis.” “He estimated that about 400 people had taken part in the Michigan straw poll.”

Rogers’s involvement in the wiretapping and the March court ruling of Judge Vaughn R. Walker got me thinking about Mitt Romney’s view on enhanced tortures, which lead to the April 12th blog piece. The enhanced torture program followed on the heels of the Patriot Act of 2001.

Rogers and Romney have close associations, are touched on in the blog piece: “Mitt Romney, Mark Foley and Congressman Mike Rogers from Michigan”
Can be located on the side bar in the March blogs, or http://mittromney2012potus.blogspot.com/2010/03/mitt-romney-mark-foley-and-congressman.html

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    Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan, wire-tapping, Patriot Act, Livingston County, Michigan, FISA warrants, Judge Vaughn R. Walker

  2. Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte supported Mitt Romney for President.
    They can't get enough of Mitt!

  3. Here's some facts, from someone who knows Mike.

    Mike never endorsed a candidate in 2008 until the primary was over. He also didn't vote in the 2006 straw poll. I know that because I ran that straw poll at the Lincoln Day Dinner.

    As far as the county goes, there was sizable Mitt support, but there was also McCain support, Huckabee support, and Ron Paul support as well.

    For disclosure purposes, I didn't vote for Mitt in the straw poll, nor did I vote for him the primary. I also do not support him in 2012.

  4. Mike Rogers brother Robert did.

    It has been stated nothing happens in Livingston County without the 'Rogers family' approval.

    The former Ms. Rogers, who FLED the state when a divorce from Mike was filed in court, was over heard at an area coffee shop, prior to the divorce talking about how Romney was going to handle the polygamy issue.

    Frankly, Marcinkowski would have been a better choice than Rogers and his mob who runs the county.

    Mike is a politician.

    Don't tread on me either, defiance to people who do that runs in my family heritage.

  5. McCain, thank goodness for Palin- kept Mitt out of V.P.

    Huckabee -- Mitt is 'hateful' toward Huck. Huck's a decent guy.

    Ron Paul -- see's right through Romney.

  6. Who is the dope in Livingston County who was posting on Free Republic showing his Irish Crest and the quote : "The only man worth fighting is another Irishman."?

    And also posted on the same page -- "what you get is nothing."

    Must have been one of those Livingston County GOP'ers who lack family values, and is a bully.

  7. Mike & Mitt have an interesting relationship:

  8. To: "Mitts Closet of changes and flip flops"
    Bro or Sis listen up. Independent voters will not go for Palin, Huckabee, or Ron Paul in 2012. Here's why for each candidate.

    Palin- Strong willed woman just as Hilary Clinton. Clinton could not make it in 2008 and neither could Palin 2012. Guys still have a tough time voting for her and she is a little too inexperienced to people.

    Huckabee- He is too hillbilly and hick for big cities. Independents will not vote for him also cause he cannot speak like Obama.

    Ron Paul- He is like an anarchist to independents. He seems mean and angry to a lot of independents. I lot of people thought McCain was "rude" in political ethics, but I personally don't think he was. If McCain seems mean to independents, then Ron Paul will seem even crazier.

    Romney has been appealing to independents because he passed bipartisan legislation in Massachusetts, he is an inspiring speaker and could beat Obama in a debate, and he helped turn around the Salt Lake Olympics, Massachusetts, and the struggling company Bain Capital. All these are very appealing to Independents.

    So if Romney is not the guy to you, then who is in 2012 that could defeat Obama?

  9. Romney did not SAVE the Olympics. Romney is as much a problem as the original corruption of the Salt Lake City Olympics. The corruption of the Olympics is deeply mired in the LDS Church, which Romney is part of.

    Romney is not a choice for president, not a choice of rational voters. Romney will stay in the race for the GOP presidential candidate. As far as Obama? If people are worried about Obama, the last person they would want in the White House is Mitt. Why do you feel Mitt would be better than Obama? He wouldn't be.

    It is not about 'winning' and election the American people should be worried about, for either party; it is about getting the better person in, and that person is NOT Mitt Romney.

    Why vote for a man, who strips people of their rights, because he does not like the fact they disagree with him, or strip people of their rights because he wants to cover-up.

    Mitt is a dangerous man to have in office, not a better choice.

  10. "So if Romney is not the guy to you, then who is in 2012 that could defeat Obama?"

    Don't you remember the mission training lesson by Brother Robert Millet? Or, the Religious lessons for all good little LDS people?

    Remember, "never answer the question asked, always answer the question which should have been asked."

    YOU asked the wrong question, therefore you got the answer to the question you should have asked

    Here's the YOU TUBE link to Robert Millet
    find it on the back pages of this blog.

  11. To Anonymous Bro. or Sis.Dude - didn’t you read the name of the blog? It’s about Romney, not other potential candidates. Geez…..Diddle-Diddle Dumb-Head, you should learn to read.

  12. To the previous anonymous,
    You are rather bold in calling me dumb, cause if you didn't read before, this is what the blogger said:
    "Mitts closet of changes and flip flops said...
    McCain, thank goodness for Palin- kept Mitt out of V.P.
    Huckabee -- Mitt is 'hateful' toward Huck. Huck's a decent guy.
    Ron Paul -- see's right through Romney."
    So another words, this blog may not be about Romney, but it sounded like the blogger was going through other potential candidates.
    So don't be calling me dumb. If anything I'm smarter than you. I'm from Dallas, Texas, and you are probably some small town sissy.

  13. For clarification the list of candidates was a response to Republican Michigander.

    The blog is about Mitt Romney, but because a Romneybots complained earlier about the blogs soul focus is on Mitt, I decided to include Mike Rogers and may include others, if I decide to in the future, but they will be people tied to Romney.

    I may also include more information on Mormonism since Mitts views are intertwined with his religious outlook. I will make that decision in the future.

    All are welcome to make comments and give their point of view.

  14. Don’t rain on Roger’s parade, Rogers always has his ‘buddy’ in his corner!

    “former conservative Republican House candidate Buddy Moorehouse told us “Rep. Mike Rogers, our congressman, who is destined for something much, much bigger. Mark my words.”

    Rogers can always count on Buddy to do a great write-up!