Friday, April 16, 2010

Romney the Torture Supporter- Mitchell and Jessen show up in Thailand

I wonder if Romney will re-think his support for enhanced torture?

I was to be off today, but the breaking story of newly released CIA documents regarding the destruction of the CIA tapes in Thailand and Harriet Miers quoted as being “livid”, deserved a departure from my hiatus ---

“Former CIA Director Porter Goss agreed with a 2005 decision to destroy interrogation videos showing waterboarding, but nobody told White House counsel Harriet Miers, who was "livid" to find out afterward, newly released CIA documents show.”

“The tapes were destroyed in Thailand.”

It just so happens, Mitchell and Jessen was in Thailand
. And they have a history of destroying tapes of abuses done in America in the prison systems they ran.

“(Mitchell) he and Bruce Jessen offered to run for the CIA as private contractors, to be paid "more than $1,000 a day" plus expenses, tax free. In April 2002, when an al Qaeda prisoner being held at a CIA safe house in Thailand began talking to FBI interrogators, contributing "actionable intelligence" about al Qaeda personnel and activities, the CIA took Mitchell up on his offer and invited him to try his methods on the prisoner, Abu Zubaydah. Mitchell showed up in Thailand, announced to FBI interrogators that he was taking over, with the blessing of top officials in Washington, and ordered that Zubaydah be confined "like a dog"

See blog piece below of April 12, titled: "Romney Is For Enhanced Interrogations Techniques" for more background on Mitchell and Jessen.

Washington torture memos aimed specifically at protecting Mitchell"

His work with Zubaydah and apparently also with a second prisoner preceded official legal clearances for torture. Paperwork associated with the legal maneuvering suggests that some of the lawyers and other top-level officials were familiar with Mitchell's program and wished to establish it on secure legal footing. The firm Mitchell Jessen and Associates still operates out of Spokane, Washington, It advertises its expertise in "understanding, predicting and improving performance in high-risk and extreme situations."

"According to CIA officials, "Mr. Rodriguez did not consult him or the C.I.A.'s top lawyer [or Goss] before giving the order for the tapes to be destroyed." --- Mr. Rodriguez, worked with Cofer Black who brought Mitchell and Jessen into the CIA. Cofer Black who later wound up on Mitt Romney's presidential committee in his 2008 run.

And who did the torture memos’? Many of Mitchell and Jessen fellow LDS church members. Like Harry Reid said of Judge Bybee.. "Judge Bybee has a good professional reputation in Nevada". Wonder if these guys all meet in the Mormon Temple for special ceremonies?

Mormons sure do protect each other against cases of child sexual assault in the Mormon church -- women and children get mobbed and battered, guess it carries over in their jobs in the secular world.

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  2. You Mormon guys sure do like abusing people, and the cronies* you can get to do it for you is amazing. You abuse your own church members-- the women and kids.

    Too bad you will never be president Mitt, even though you 'lust' after the position.