Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bulk Orders Puts Romney Book On NYT Best Sellers List

Romney created a storm of controversy with the release of his new book, journalist assailed Mitts book regarding questionable facts and miss-information. Taking over the headlines and blogs late this week and into the weekend, is the reporting of Romney's book being bought ‘in bulk’ in bookstores, catapulting Romney’s book to the top of New York best sellers list.

The bulk buying from bookstores has lead to some interesting questions and views. The mysterious orders showing up at bookstores, and not from the publisher, which buying directly from the publisher is cheaper, is a way to artificially place Mitts book on the NYT bestsellers list.

Some of the bulk bookstore purchases could be headed to Vanderbilt University, where Romney will be speaking later this month. Romney is promising a free copy of his book to each person who attends his speech. Romney is appearing as one of the IMPACT speakers at the University. The topic is slated to be “The Future of Capitalism,” where, “Romney is making a copy of his latest book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, available free of charge to those attending his book signing and lecture”, as stated by the university.

Romney must not impress many in the student body; Hudson Todd wrote a piece on "Inside Vandy", regarding Romney’s selection as one of the speakers at “The Future of Capitalism” forum saying:

“Romney, who dropped 43 million dollars of his own money in a failed attempt to beat a 72 year old, who didn’t know how to use a computer, for president, is apparently going to explain to us the future of American capitalism.”

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  1. Romney:
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