Friday, March 12, 2010

Ghost of Romney's Past

Boston Globe ran an article by Michael Levenson, regarding Baker, who is running for Massachusetts Governor, distancing himself from the ‘ghost’ of Romney. Romney appears to be next to the Bubonic plague in popularity in Massachusetts. The reported exchange with Baker when questioned regarding his similarity to Mitt:

“GOP gubernatorial candidate Charles D. Baker visibly grimaced and recoiled this week when Jaclyn Cashman of WWLP-TV in Springfield said during an on-air interview, "Some would say your career has mirrored Mitt Romney’s in some ways. Would you agree?" "Really?" Baker said, sounding surprised. "That’s interesting. No. I don’t think so.”

Baker’s avoidance of Romney is not much different than Brown avoided being seen with Mitt during his run for Kennedy’s senatorial seat. A surprising act' since Brown was using Romney “entire political team to help the then-unknown Brown”. Romney closest of advisers was on Brown’s campaign team Eric Fehrnstrom, Beth Myers, and Peter Flaherty -- were and continue to be Romney people.

Politico reported on the fact that “Romney himself has been conspicuously absent”. Writing the absence was a “reflection of Romney’s diminished political standing in Massachusetts” Further quoting: “There’s no added advantage in having Romney with Brown, and there’s potentially some disadvantage,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. “I don’t think there’s an upside here at all.”

Romney walked out from behind the curtain, where he was hiding, during Browns victory celebration to announce Browns victory win. Romney’s appearance was a surprise to many of people not linked to the political arena in Mass. Romney not to be undone by the Mass. victory of Brown and Brown's surging popularity among the conservatives, brought Brown as a surprise package to CPAC, where Brown introduced Romney to the crowd. Unfortunately, for Romney, Browns rousing endorsement didn’t help Romney win CPAC’s vote, Romney lost, Ron Paul won to the Romney crowd dismay.

There are some interesting things about CPAC; I was reminded of them, as I was closet cleaning, and thinking about Mitts recent loss at CPAC, especially after Mitt winning the vote for several years. Romney in 2007, blogged a thank-you to Keene for backing Mitt for President, titled “Wham! Bam! Thank you David Keene”, stating: “Long courted by Romney, Keene agreed to formalize his endorsement of the former governor during a face to face meeting in Florida on Tuesday, according to knowledgeable sources.” “Of Keene, Romney said he was “proud”.

However, questions linger on the integrity of CPAC and ACU regarding their endorsements. I stumbled across a You Tube a few years back, done by John Ziegler questioning how things were being done by David Keene, who is chairman of the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC.

The concerns are regarding the leaderships expecting pay-off for endorsements and opt-end pieces. Ziegler takes umbrage on how Keene has ‘talked’ about Palin. There was plenty of talk during the McCain/ Palin race that Romney’s people who had joined McCain’s staff were behind the attacks.

On the Conservative side -

David Keene Threatens to Punch John Ziegler at WCPAC

A liberal view of FedEx and payments on support and op-end pieces -

The Young Turks

It is going to be interesting to see if the NRA gives Mitt the endorsement this next time around in 2012, since David Keene will be heading not only ACU, but also goes on to take the reigns of the National Rifle Association.

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