Thursday, March 18, 2010

Could Trouble Be Brewing For Romney In Utah?

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Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:57 p.m. The Deseret News reported the Club for Growth has complained that Utah Senator Bob Bennett’s son has told people to be ‘deceptive’>. Bennett is a family friend and a long time backer of Mitt Romney’s.

Chocola from the Club for Growth stated:

“Bob Bennett's campaign wants supporters to mislead their friends and neighbors at next week's caucuses in order to trick conservatives into electing them as delegates.”

Bennett is quoted as saying in a speech:

"There are precincts that are going to say, 'If you've made up your mind for Bennett, then we're probably going to elect somebody else.” ”Then he talks about a way around that."

"Now I don't encourage or discourage this, but I've had somebody come to me and say, 'Yes, I go and say I'm not going to make up my mind, and then I just go there and vote for Bennett anyway,' " Jim Bennett said.

"We'd be happy if you did that," he said, while some laughs can be heard. "But the fact is, you're going to have to gauge what your precinct wants you to do."

Erick Erickson from Red State posted the following on the Bennett controversy brewing in Utah:

“Right now there is a heavy anti-Bennett bias even within the official Utah Republican Party. Having Bennett’s supporters come in and claim to be wholly undecided or hostile to Bennett could help send his brigade to the convention to protect him.”

“Desperate men do desperate things.”

Bennett dismisses the allegations saying:

“At the same event, Mitt Romney jokingly urged people to vote several times. Does that make him guilty of urging voter fraud?" Bennett asked. "I never urged anybody to lie."

Trying to be dismissive by using Romney’s joke regarding voting more than one time, may not have been the wisest of choices for a defense. Especially, since Romney himself has been caught having his people stuff ballot boxes in the Florida State straw polls.

Mitt Romney Buys Election in Florida Straw Poll -- Romney Supporters voting multiple times

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