Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Romney "Totally Indecisive"

Romney was one of many in a hotly contested run to grab the Oval Office, stepping down after his Super Tuesday loss. The public, unable to catch it’s breath from the 2008 Presidential run, as soon as the election returns were in, Romney was been back on the campaign trail with almost non-stop criss-crossing the nation. Mitt is now, attempting to put his political allies into state and national offices. However, Romney leaves the question begging, "Who is the Real Mitt Romney?"

Romney has worn different political suits; his first suit was tailored for liberal leaning Mass.,in his bid for the Mass. Senatorial seat. Mitt was no buttoned-down conservative, but a progressive, pro-gay, abortion rights candidate against the Lion of the Kennedy den. Losing to Kennedy, Mitts focus was the Governor’s mansion, where he quickly upped the ante for the Oval Office desk, earning him the title of one of the states most absent Governor. The liberal suited Romney changed suits and donned a pin-stripped, button-downed shirt, becoming a wing-tipped conservative in his attempt to win the hearts of the Republicans soul. Romney became a gun totting, pro-life, and anti-gay candidate, landing Romney the reputation of a man of ‘no moral compass’ and flip flopping by both Republicans and Democrats.

Romney No Moral Compass Republicans and Dems agree

Romney staked out a slot as a high powered, decisive corporate executive needed at the reins of power at the White House, touting his executive abilities. According to the authors of “Game Change”, Romney is far from a decisive decisions maker, needing endless amounts of data, and constant input from advisers, leaving Romney paralyzed in making even the simpler decisions required by a candidate. “Romney was ‘totally’ indecisive”.

How did Romney get along with the other candidates? About as well as Romney got along with Sky Blu.

“Romney's relationship with the other was horrible”
Romney “would not have debates, would not have his make-up done in the same room”

Game Change co-authors on Mitt Romney

In mentioning Sky Blu, Romney while in Palm Beach on March 8, 2010, giving a speech, Romney discounted Blu’s claim he used a Vulcan grip on the rapper stating “I think that’s more of a mind projection,” Romney said of the Vulcan grip accusation. “But I grant Sky Blu poetic license.” Mind projection? Couldn’t Romney some up with something better than that?

Mark Foley attended Romney's Palm Beach speaking luncheon, making his return debut back into to politics from the sex scandal which rocked Washington D.C., reported by George Bennett from the Palm Beach Post, Post on Politics. Romney also drew Kevin McCarty, a one time bond underwriter and GOP activist, who was recently released from federal prison “for failing to report wife Mary McCarty’s honest services fraud as a Palm Beach County commissioner. She’s serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence. Kevin McCarty declined to comment” according to Bennett.

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