Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Romney Getting a Bad Name?

The story loped around the world during the weekend regarding Romney backed Senator Brown and the Rachel Meadows dispute. Brown stating Maddow would be running against him for his senate seat and Maddow taking a full page news paper ad out in rebuttal. Mitt Romney may become a casualty, with Romney’s name getting pulled into the fray.

Is there a ‘hint’, in a news article which ran in Thailand, that Maddow mentioning Romney in her ad is a hint that Mitt, or his people are behind the rumored Maddow vs. Brown for the Mass. Senate seat? Would Mitt’s people stoop so low to be behind a false story in a bid to collect campaign funds from out of state conservatives, which could ruin the creditability of conservative candidates?

Quote from Thindian News:

“Rachel Maddow has also mentioned that she had never been asked by the Democrats to go up against Senator Scott Brown in the elections. She had also gone ahead to recall and take sharp hints in mentioning the name of Mitt Romney when he had ran for the President. Rachel Maddow reminds people how Mitt Romney as a governor had called Massachusetts to be a disgusting state. She feels it was just a way of gaining the most out of people to support him.”

Maddow’s video rebuttal

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It will be interesting to see if this story unfolds further in the next few years, or this turns out to be rumor which is put to rest as a bad idea for raising campaign funds.

Reference article:
More at : Rachel Maddow’s Full Page Ad Criticizes Senator Scott Brown

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  1. My only summary of this article is desperation to ruin Mitt Romney. But I'm fine with all the mudslinging cause Ronald Reagan was attacked with a lot of it as well.