Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Political Life Was Saved – At Least For The Moment

As much as one would like to keep away from the issues which arise from Romney’s religion, it is impossible to stay away from the subject. A story broke on Friday, of Utah House Majority Leader Kevin Garn paying $150,000.00 to Cheryl Maher and her husband to hush a story about his two naked frisks with Cheryl when she was a 15-year old and Garn a married man of thirty. The incidents happened while Garn was at Pegasus Records and KSG Enterprises and Cheryl a 15- year old worked for Garn.

The story of Maher and Kevin Garn became twisted after Cheryl contacted reporters after learning Garn’s was running for U.S. Congress in 2002. Gran arranges a meeting with Maher’s Mormon Bishop and the Maher’s. Garn, with his wife by his side, offered to pay Cheryl and her husband $20,000.00. The Maher’s refused Grans offer wanting more money. Garn anted-upp $150,000.00.

Kevin Garn’s political life was saved – at least for the moment.

There are a few puzzling questions begging to be answered in this story of naked bathing and hush money in an attempt to save Gran’s GOP career. There are a few looming questions, one is why did Garn contact the Maher’s Mormon Church Bishop? Mormon Bishops are now into saving political careers? If this is the case, the line between church and political office is getting hazy in a hurry!

Another question is, the location Maher’s were living during the time of the Bishop’s Office deal to quash knowledge of 'nasty deeds’ done with a young 15-year old teen. A search came up with several locations in New Hampshire where the Maher's lived, and nothing for Utah. If the Maher's were living in New Hampshire at the time and not Utah, this story starts to get interesting.

Why would it be interesting if the Maher’s were living in New Hampshire at the time of the deal and not Utah?

Here’s why.

Mormon wards, stakes, and church regions are known to be tight knit. Stake Presidents, Bishops, people in all kinds of lay church positions, as well as members, are acquainted though-out a church region, due to cross over in meetings, gatherings, and organization conferences. Mass. and New Hampshire would be areas church leadership would rub shoulders and know each other. Keep in mind, the Mormon Church is purely a lay ministry until one gets to the upper levels of the organization.

Romney was Bishop in his ward in Belmont, Mass., from 1982-1985. Romney later filled the position of Stake President of the Boston and Mass. area for the Mormon Churches, for nine years. A ward would be similar to a parish. A stake would be similar to several parishes. Romney’s New Hampshire ties are well known and touted during Romney’s campaigns and have been long established in N.H.

In 1997, Romney purchased from Butch Cash, a former fellow student of Brigham Young University, 3 acres of land on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Romney later added additional property to the Romney homestead, giving Romney an 11-acre estate. The Romney estate is described as a secluded three story home set a half mile back from the road and reached by a narrow driveway.

Then there is the Methuen, Mass. Ward, which is one of the wards in the Concord, New Hampshire Stake of the Mormon Church. In December of 2004, a story started to surface of a child molestation case in the Methuen Ward of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon Church members were told not to talk to police by church leadership, and church leadership was ‘uncooperative”.

An excerpt from Tuesday, January 11, 2005 Eagle Tribune:

"Until this weekend, church officials have been uncooperative with police regarding the case against Kevin F. Curlew, a church member and convicted child molester charged with repeatedly abusing a child inside the Methuen Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in recent months.

"We're going to tell them what we want," said Detective Lt. Michael Wnek.

What police want is more cooperation and better access to the church. In investigating Curlew, police found another convicted sex offender working at the church and arrested him Friday...

One wonders how much is covered-up and silence for political advantage.

As the story unfolds of Cheryl Maher and Kevin Gram, we hopefully learn what ward and in what state the Maher family were living when the deal was struck in Cheryl's Bishop office.

“In the Deseret News, Cheryl Maher said Friday that Utah House Majority Leader Kevin Garn is lying about having no physical contact with her when they went hot-tubbing in the nude when she was 15 years old."

"She also says they had a long-term relationship at that time and contends that he had affairs with others.”

Mitt should be able to answer questions regarding his faith, it would be the same as asking an Arch-Bishop questions on the Catholic faith.

Mitt Romney Lying About Mormonism
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  1. Yeah,I followed a link to this expecting more than bad grammer and mis-spelled words.You've got nothing buddy. Why do you caption the video "Mitt Romney Lying About Mormonism"? He didn't lie about Mormonism or anything for that matter. You are a loser an idiot and a waste of time.

  2. “expecting more than bad grammer and mis-spelled words.”

    I see your point Anonymous regarding the spelling and GRAMMAR. I use spell check, but as one can see – spell check doesn’t always work -- even for Anonymous poster who criticizes spelling and GRAMMAR.

    Your point is taken and I will work towards improving. You see, my education was interrupted by some very mean hearted folk who cared little about the damage they caused. - they even enjoyed doing the damage I was told.

    The labeling on the YOU TUBE was done by the person who posted the original piece on YOU TUBE. Didn’t you check before blaming someone?

    None the less, Romney should have answered questions regarding LDS doctrine. Mitt knows the answers.

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  4. There was cover-up of sexual abuse in Michigan for decades where the Romney family had influence in the stakes and wards. It seems to have also followed to Mass.

    It is shameful so many have suffered for the ambitions of a few.

  5. Where is your proof of these sexual abuse cover-ups in Michigan and Massachusetts that went on for "decades"?